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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ian Kennedy helping to create a new Rotten Parliament

Ian Kennedy is a man who likes to thrust his own snout deep into the public expenses trough; now trousering £100k as head of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, this seasoned Quangocrat previously took a wedge of £165k a year as head of the Healthcare Commission. Kennedy lives in North London, on the tube network, yet claimed more than £15,000 in taxi fares in his last job between his Finsbury park office and his home. The lazy bastard should perhaps have heeded the advice given by the health fascist sector and exercised his atrophied legs.

Still, with a man like Kennedy - deeply sympathetic to the idea of fat, bloated, expenses and remuneration - at the helm of the body that will decide MPs' future wedge, troughing MPs must be hoping that the culture of this Rotten Parliament can be continued into the next.

This puts Kennedy at odds both with Legg and Kelly - who each, in their own way, are defending our, the taxpayer's, position.

We'll see Legg's report later today, but we must be ever-vigilant against his good work being undermined by Kennedy's swill-dumping.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Your bilious remarks about Kennedy are entirely appropriate and I concur.

But what you - and many others - may be missing, is the sound of gentle sweeping, as the MP's expense scandal disappers quietly under the carpet.

It's off the front pages now, people have "moved on"; those who we thought were going to have to repay their ill-gotten gains are being let off - with no fuss and no publicity of course; the system has not been reformed, except by an infinitesimal tinkering at the edges; and most of those affected are probably in safe seats.

The caravan rolls on. The Political Class is, for the time being, secure in its triumph.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Oops - "disappers" should have been "disappears", of course.

otoh it looks a bit like "diapers" which is quite apposite really. I think I will leave it at that.

thefatlady said...

Legg, who is "defending our, the taxpayer's, position", trousers £125k for six months. Nice work if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

It reinforces just how deceitful the Parliamentary authorities have been when it comes to transparency and accountable use of our money.

Letters From A Tory said...

So we have a trougher watching over the troughers?

Can't see how that could possibly go wrong....

*roll eyes*

Anonymous said...

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