Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Independent's cartoonist too near the mark?

Dave Brown's cartoon for the Independent this morning may be a little too near the mark; there are many in the country whose anger at the political class doesn't exclude the sanction of lynching corrupt politicians. Perhaps not something to joke about?


Budgie said...

There were cynics in the 1970s Labour debacle but they were outnumbered by the political enthusiasts. Not so nowadays. I do not know one person, not one, who has a good word for politicians.

The biggest problem is the debt that Brown has created. Assume it is £1.5 trillion when we start paying it back. At 5 per cent interest we will have to pay back £200 billion per year for 20 years. This is an enormous hit of 13 percent of GDP every year - twice as bad as the current recession.

None of our politicians are remotely facing up to this millstone. People sense there is something wrong, even if they are not aware of the details. Consequently they rightly distrust the politicians, all of them.

Dick Puddlecote said...

There are quite a few who aren't corrupt who I'd like to lynch. My own MP amongst them.