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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Is the BBC talking-up a Falklands conflict?

Any sabre-rattling by Argentina at the moment provides a God sent opportunity for Brown to strut his patriotism thing; it also plays well at home in Argentina, so is almost a win-win ploy for both leaders at a time when both are increasingly unpopular. Just as long as it never goes beyond brave words.

And sometimes you almost feel as though the BBC is egging the whole thing along with a series of minor distortions in its news stories, little not-quite-correct lapses in reporting that serve to stoke public indignation against Argentina.

This story is a good example. The piece ends

Last year, Argentina submitted a claim to the United Nations for a vast expanse of ocean, based on research into the extent of the continental shelf, stretching to the Antarctic and including the Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - all UK territories.

It is due to raise the issue at the UN next week.

But neglects to mention that the UK has also submitted exactly the same claim over exactly the same continental shelf - illustrated on a map in a previous post here - and that in such cases, the UN will make no decision to ratify either claim until the matter is resolved by the nations themselves.


Blue Eyes said...

I thought the Beeb was going OTT as well, but then I saw a piece on one news programme which went around Buenos Aires and talked to "ordinary" voters who were all totally against a new conflict. They basically said "we couldn't win, we have better things to be doing".

Anonymous said...

Blue Eyees - spot on. "Better things to be doing" People forget; we still have 1000 troops stationed in the Falklands, along with 4 fighter jets and a destroyer / frigate on patrol. Argentina isn't going to risk this one.

In the end - and if both sides want to look good - they will get round the table to divide up the "spoils". The best place for a new "Aberdeen" is on shore in Argentina. Britain would have to pay Argentina good money for this whilst we profit handsomely ourselves. Any half-brained diplomat can see this....providing both sides can find a half-brained diplomat each.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Broon can sabre-rattle all he likes, but he knows, and we know he knows etc, and of course the Argentines also know, that we don't have the money, the men, the ships, the materiel, the leadership, or the goodwill from others (read USA) to repeat 1982's performance.

If they should decide to risk it, the outcome will be very different.