Sunday, 28 February 2010

When the punters take over a failing brand

The most valuable asset a football club has is not its ground or its players but its supporter base. It's the punters that fork out an Albanian's annual wage for a season ticket, who buy three new designs of team strip each year at a cost of something like two hundred times the manufacturing cost and who fill their homes with themed and licensed club merchandise. So what happens when the punters decide that the guys who've taken over control of the club are failing to deliver?

In the case of Manchester United, they've decided to take over the brand. Whilst the club owners are flogging official red and white themed club scarves, the punters have launched their own green and gold version, expected to be much on view at today's televised match.

So whilst Glazer and his corporatist chums at CCHQ Old Trafford consider their position, the grass roots of the clubs are coagulating into a shadow club, no doubt ready to step in if Glazer trips up.


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