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Monday, 22 March 2010

52% of GDP is a disaster

The shocking revelation that the public sector is now up to 52% of GDP from what was once believed to be the long-term consensus of 40% that Labour inherited in 1997, and without any noticeable improvement in the nation's well-being, brings into sharp focus the scale of the task ahead for a new government.

I am convinced that big-bang Localism is the only way in which public spending can be brought back under control whilst maintaining social equity and those services we all value. We must constrain government to run directly only those sectors of our economy that cannot be devolved or left to the market alone; defence, air trafic control, international treaties and the like, and the functioning of a universal court system. For this we must both leave the EU and value Europe as both our most important trading partner and our cultural nexus.

More than anything else, Labour's central command-and-control economy abetted by the suffocating constraints of EU federalist law has driven the size of the public sector upwards, adding layers of cost and complexity whilst reducing economic efficiency.

52%. I am simmering. I can't digest the sheer economic incompetence, the stupidity, the malfeasance, the criminal irresponsibility of Brown and his shoddy cohort at so despoiling our nation's finances. A trillion in Brown's taxes pissed away, wasted. We're paying GPs £160k a year instead of £75k, and for why? Because Labour made a central decision and got it wrong, rather than leaving it to local determination. They got almost everything wrong. The Mail reports that Islington's Town Clerk will trouser £1m over three years because Whitehall mandarins rather than local people now run our councils. And the more they blunder, the more they want to introduce yet further controls to correct the failures of previous controls in a deadly spiral of waste and inefficiency.

52%. They belong in jail.


adwelly said...

Do you have a link or citation for this ? It's shocking.

Raedwald said...

Link now in - apols


adwelly said...

Ta. It's very bad news indeed. I'll be posting about this on my own blog and alerting others....

Anonymous said...

Good piece in The Times today. The Irish had to swallow a 13.5% (average) pay cut across the public sector. They too had grown used to the "easy life" and "largesse" of working for nothing when employed in the public service (with some exceptions). Even nurses and teachers has become used to being a part of a national jokey saying - "if you marry a nurse or a teacher, you are marrying a laying hen".

And when the cuts came, there was hardly a squeek from those who you might expect to be up in arms. Hardly a squeek!

It's time the axe fell here. Only along with the pay axe must come the jobs axe. All those hundreds of thousands of "non-jobs" can go back where they came from - and they came from nowhere.

Coney Island.

Praguetory said...

I've decided to link to your article which sums up how I feel.

Zucc said...

Yeah, cos those NHS waiting lists just evaporated of their own accord, didn't they? And class sizes went down, despite an increased population, all by themselves. Get a grip, the public sector was in a shocking, unsustainable state in 97.

Anonymous said...

Public sector - shocking and unsustainable state. Spot on chap, spot on!

Coney Island

Mrs Rigby said...


Do you know if PFI money is included in this 52% or not?