Thursday, 11 March 2010

Brown's dissociation with reality puts Cameron on back foot

Gordon Brown has invented for himself a version of reality diametrically opposed to the facts that the rest of the world recognise, and such is the depth of his mental disorder he now utters the grossest of lies with absolute conviction, wrongfooting Cameron, who expects at least a semblance of sanity from his opponent. Dave doesn't know how to deal with it.

'Character is not about telling people what they want to hear but about telling them what they need to know' said Brown, as he ignores every economic reality to pretend that 'Spend Spend Spend!' is a grown-up fiscal policy, just because it is what voters want to hear.

'It is about having the courage to set out your mission and the courage to take the tough decisions and stick to them without being blown off- course, even when the going is difficult.' said Brown, the man whose own courage is so conspicuously lacking that he's not dared to face a single contested election in his entire political career, a bottler, an arse-crawler, a lily-livered party hack.

At every opportunity, the most risible lies drip from Brown's pendulous lips whilst Dave stands open-mouthed, paralysed by the audacity of his mendacity.

As Benedict Brogan has it in the Telegraph this morning;
Part of their problem is their own disbelief: they cannot quite believe that Mr Brown is getting away with it. They are overwhelmed by the sheer gall of a Prime Minister who could say, in a speech yesterday, "with me, what you see is what you get", when the records show the precise opposite is true. They have read Andrew Rawnsley's forensic exposition of the hatreds and deceptions that mark the Prime Minister's career and cannot fathom why the rest of us cannot see the serial dishonesty, the political opportunism, the dangerous indecisiveness, the directionless moral compass, let alone his serial policy failures. How, they wonder, can we possibly be contemplating giving this guy another five years?
How indeed.

Dave had better discover the brass balls to counter this loathsome man, or the nation, and his party, will cast him into obloquy.

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Nick Drew said...

very well put

based on the 1997 GE experience (specifically, the 'Tories-will-scrap-the-state-pension' whopper), I predict ages ago that NuLab would launch a capital ship of a Monster Lie for 2010

I hadn't foreseen they would commission lies with every breath for 4 months solid, whole flotillas of them

don't know why, really - naivety on my part I suppose