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Sunday, 21 March 2010

More bent Labour MPs shock. Not.

Revelations about bent Labour MPs lying to a fake lobbyist hardly have the power to surprise any more; it seems to be generally accepted that there is nothing but nothing this venal, corrupt sleazy cabal of crooks will not do for their own selfish interests.

Margaret Moran seems to be claiming she's a mentalist and therefore not responsible for being bent, whilst the others are relying on admitting that they're so incredibly stupid that they shouldn't be left alone near table forks or blunt scissors. That the three claiming stupidity - Hoon, Hewitt and Byers - are ex-ministers will only confirm the views of many as to the calibre of the Labour administration.

The deeply corrupt and very stupid former Speaker, Michael Martin, has made corruption much easier for disgraced former MPs by granting them all access to the Palace of Westminster for life; to enjoy its subsidised bars and restaurants, smoking facilities and with unrivalled opportunities to bribe, cajole and blackmail the next Parliamentary intake. Jacqui Smith can distribute porn DVDs, Derek Conway promote his employment agency and even those now being prosecuted for fraud can retire to the tearooms after a hard day in court. At the very time the public wants these Augean stables cleared of shit, Martin has enabled keeping them filled with it.

The bent bastard scum have betrayed us all. They deserve every manifestation of opprobrium that can be flung at them.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that it is the same MPs that were calling for Gordon to be replaced a few months back.

Mandelslime's dirty work? Or are Damien and Dolly back in the Downing Street fold?

lilith said...

That is an interesting observation Mr Crun.

Anonymous said...

Hope you Bloodhounds on the
Blogosphere are keeping a beady eye on the Leicester Witch,Pat
Hewitt,Daughter of Darkness
She should be No 1 on the target range.She needs hounding to that
escape clinic in Zurich

No longer laughing