Thursday, 11 March 2010

Will Brown's spin machine stop soldiers' votes?

Put Brown's carcass on a meat scale and I doubt you'd get much change from 18 stone. Add his remaining spin-team and Spads, sundry journos and MoD minders and you've got pretty much a full-weight RAF flight to Afghanistan. The RAF already has an over-committed manifest; troops and their kit, rations, ammo, medical supplies and mail from loved ones all jockey for a place on the available flights.

So when Brown's monstrous government warns our troops in the field that they may be denied the vote in the coming elections because Bob Jobsworth's unfit-for-pupose shiny-arses can't fly their ballot papers out to Afghanistan on time, you smell the stench of political corruption and gerrymandering.

If flying Brown's carcass to Afghanistan for another photo-op during the election campaign displaces a flight-load of ballot papers, you can be sure the lads won't be best pleased. You don't have to ask which one they'd rather have, and which one is more use for their morale.


Richard said...

Those abroad on election day can apply to vote by post or proxy, though the Electoral Commission recommends service personnel to appoint a proxy.

The body's website says: ''If you're based abroad, you need to be aware that, due to election timetables, you may not receive your ballot paper until shortly before election day.

''Depending on where you're based, there may not be enough time for you to return your ballot before voting closes (10pm on election day), so voting by post may not be the best way for you to vote.

''In these circumstances we would encourage you to appoint a proxy in the UK to vote on your behalf.''

Non-story, don't you think?

Raedwald said...

Richard - many voters don't like proxy voting because it destroys the principal of the secret ballot. Why should our servicemen be treated as second class citizens, without the right to cast a vote secretly?

Surely it's not beyond the capacity of the MoD to ban political vanity-flights in favour of letting the lads have a proper vote?

Blue Eyes said...

Great photo. My vote is not affected by how stylish a particular politician is, but I do revel in the fact that Gordon only ever looks like a twat.