Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Woof Woof

Israeli MPs who have called Britons 'disloyal dogs' may wish to consider increasing their funding of cash-for-influence groups Labour Friends of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel; as the Times reports;
Members of the Israeli parliament likened the British government to “anti-Semitic dogs” and demanded the expulsion of Britain’s military attaché in Tel Aviv.

“The British are being hypocritical, and I do not wish to insult dogs here, since some dogs show true loyalty, [but] who gave the British the right to judge us on the war on terror?” said Arieh Eldad, a Right-wing member of the Knesset.

Another member, Michael Ben-Ari, said: “Dogs are usually loyal, the British may be dogs, but they are not loyal to us. They seem to be loyal to the anti-Semitic establishment.”

By paying for trips to Israel by members of the CFI and LFI, Mossad undoubtedly have secured a source of high-quality passports to copy for use by their agents, and no doubt carefully planned 'honey operations' during CFI and LFI trips have yielded a rich harvest of blackmail material.

However, some of us are immune to influence, and will applaud the expulsion from the UK of the man responsible for orchestrating the activities of Israeli death squads in this country.


Anonymous said...

If we are going to have death squads (and nobody has yet located a world where such things do not exist), I would rather the Israelis were on our side rather than the opposing one.

Not for nothing do they describe any easy pushover as "like fighting Arabs".

Blue Eyes said...

How dare they say that Britain is anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli or disloyal.

If anything we have been far too pro-Israeli in the last few decades.

That makes me really angry.

Anonymous said...

The Israelis do not make it easy to like them or their country.

In the end, it's clear enough that Israeli values are not our values, are not civilised values, are not Western values, are not the democratic values of a free society. Israel is a rogue state and has been since its blood-soaked inception. It is a state that bludgeons its legitimate critics with the canard of "anti-Semitism", a state that justifies its history ethnic cleansing and its creation of Apartheid-style Bantustans by appealing constantly to the memory of the Holocaust - despite the fact that Israel's Zionist founders were keen supporters of Hitler.

We can continue to lie to ourselves about Israel or we can face the facts that it is a thuggish, racist, terrorist, Jewish-supremacist state. In facing those uncomfortable truths about the Israelis, maybe we can make the Israelis face them too. Maybe we can make Israel look in the mirror and see not a victim or a martyr but a perpetrator, an oppressor, something founded in terroristic violence and sustained through terroristic violence. In doing that, maybe we can make Israel change its ways.

(Counting down to "ZOMG! U R ANTI-SEMITIC!!11!" in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....)

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:10 - I think you make fair points. How brave would Isreal be without the support of the UK and US?

In truth, the Arabs and Israelis are as bad as each other and we should have let them get on with bashing each other.

The other truth however, is that there are plenty of Jewish ex-pats in positions of power in industry, broadcasting and government on both sides of the pond. My own business dealings with Jews over 15 years have been anything but satisfactory. But that's just my view.

Coney Island

Nick von Mises said...

I'm glad they killed that Hamas bastard. Everything else is just diplomatic spite.

J said...

Here here Nick.

Britain is anti-Semitic and pro-Arab and has been for decades. The FCO is without question in this frame of mind, the Beeb is the same, so are most of the press.

Quite frankly I would want to shake the hand of the person sent home yesterday.

We may prefer to blow terrorists up with 1,000lb bombs while they're having a meal with their families, the Israelis (in this case at least) did so after tennis and cocktails. A far more pleasant way to end it all.

Israel without the US and UK. Hah! Jews have been fighting for their right to exist since before even the USA and UK existed!

JuliaM said...

If this really was a Mossad operation, all I can say is it must have been a day out for the entire office!

What's the count for this supposed hit team stand at now? 26? 27? I've rather lost track...

Anonymous said...

The guy was probably nearing the end of his tour of duty anyway and will be glad to get back early to the delights of the Med rather than glad-handing the likes of the Gorgon every day.

Anonymous said...

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