Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Brown's Freudian slip

No wonder they don't let Brown speak without an autocue; he may inadvertently stop lying and tell the truth by accident. Verbatim from his Downing Street election launch just now;

"We will renew the contract between the people and those that they are sworn to serve"

You couldn't make it up


Scrobs... said...

Well spotted there! Thought that's what he said!

Still, he's only an ordinary bloke, he told us so...

Did you see Harperson gently wheeling him back through the door? Just like you would an old boy being ushered into a home!

There, there Gordon, you'll feel better when you're sat down in your new room.

talwin said...

Bring on the Leaders' debate.

Budgie said...

The leaders' debate would be even more interesting if Gordoom was prevented from taking his medication for 24 hours beforehand.

john miller said...

He's a dead man walking. The campaign will see him off.

Just seen BBC news 18:05 6/4/10

Brown, speaking to little girl: How old are you?

Little girl: 5 – (holding up five fingers )

Brown: 5? (Holding up ten fingers…)

If the Tories want it I have it on video…

talwin said...

John Miller. Interesting story: explains, in a nutshell, Brown's approach to the economy.