Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cameron's big words

If 'people' isn't bigger than 'government' at least they're the same size .... 'Wordle' analysis of Cameron's manifesto launch speech;


Chris said...

People is bigger, but government is more prominent. Intentional, or a happy accident?

Anonymous said...

At last....at long blimmin' last. Cameron has come out with his stated intention of smaller government and more localism. Its there to be delievered yet, and the proof is in the pudding. But at least I know have a stated intention that I can hang my hat on and vote for.

The difference is now clear and it is a vast expanse of clear water. Vote for Conservative = small state, big people power. Vote for Labour = bloated state with no people power.

Now I understand.

Coney Island

hatfield girl said...

Government people power together better country.