Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Here's the first for Clegg's List

I have a long list of legislation I'd like to see repealed, but perhaps none more so than s.167 of the 1996 Housing Act. As Nick Drew has commented, this Act was brought in by Major's government against the advice of Conservative local authorities. It has led to the destruction of traditional communities, the formation of alien ghettoes, the transformation of council estates into rookeries and an explosion in voluntary bastardy. It has fuelled an entire 'rights and advice' industry, consumes an inordinate amount of court time and costs taxpayers billions. It has encouraged economic migrants from the most primitive and backwards parts of the world to flock to the UK. It MUST go.

The offending law? This;

s.167 Allocation in accordance with allocation scheme
(1) Every local housing authority shall have a scheme (their “allocation scheme”) for determining priorities, and as to the procedure to be followed, in allocating housing accommodation.For this purpose “procedure” includes all aspects of the allocation process, including the persons or descriptions of persons by whom decisions are to be taken.

(2) As regards priorities, the scheme shall be framed so as to secure that reasonable preference is given to—

(a) people occupying insanitary or overcrowded housing or otherwise living in unsatisfactory housing conditions,
(b) people occupying housing accommodation which is temporary or occupied on insecure terms,
(c) families with dependent children,
(d) households consisting of or including someone who is expecting a child,
(e) households consisting of or including someone with a particular need for settled accommodation on medical or welfare grounds, and
(f) households whose social or economic circumstances are such that they have difficulty in securing settled accommodation.


Nick Drew said...

The origins lie in Labour's 1977 Act, but of course you are right and Major had no business extending it

hatfield girl said...

It's made worse by selling-off the housing stock. And by the fraudulent manipulation of what housing-stock remains. I was astonished at who is living in ostensibly social housing south of the Euston Road while canvassing in the last few weeks.