Sunday, 9 May 2010

Merkel and Sarkozy pilfer Britain's purse

The police call it distraction theft. Whilst the victim is otherwise engaged, the thief pilfers their wallet or purse. Merkel and Sarkozy have put up the bail-out money for Greece through gritted teeth, looking spitefully to those non-Euro nations who seem to have got away with it, and today they have their chance to steal some UK money to ease the pain.

Darling is attending for the UK whilst talks continue, but he will be outvoted by the Federast majority vote system, and we have no veto. By tomorrow morning the UK will be potentially £8bn poorer and no doubt the crooks will congratulate themselves on a neat little theft.

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Budgie said...

This is a consequence of the Lisbon treaty - you know, the one that Labour rammed through Westminster without the promised referendum on the back of their view that the public were too thick to vote on it.