Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Reversing thirteen years of misrule

This morning isn't going to bring all of us what we want. The voices on the 'sphere that have hammered Labour for the past four years or so will now provide Cameron with a constant critique of his performance, and this is probably right. The blogs on the left, for so long on the back foot as they defended the indefensible, may now find new heart. However, as I awoke with dawn in the sky and the Sun nudging at the horizon, for the first time in thirteen years I was free of the fear of Labour misrule.

No batty Harman pushing through even more lunatic social engineering laws, no more bully Balls spouting ideological bull and failing our children, no more Brown and his destructive madness. The mentalists are back in their asylum, and the nation's ministers are, for a time at least, sane and ordinary.

Now Cameron and Clegg can get a look at the books they'll see exactly how bad things are, and the extent to which Labour lied to the country about the state of our finances. Then the hard work of reversing thirteen years of misrule begins.

And no, I don't believe politicians have changed their spots, or that the EU is any less of an issue today than it was yesterday, and I still loathe the political class.

But for one day, let's just enjoy the burden of Labour's malfeasance having been lifted from our country's back.


Votefor said...


Robert said...

Glad as I am the see the back of Brown and the rest of red shower this does not usher in a new dawn of optimism. The Conservative Party has sold its soul for a shot at government. This coalition of dead men walking is designed to save Dave.

The red shower will be back sooner than we think when it all goes tits up.

Anonymous said...

Votefor - I was about to say just that!

Robert - I really hope not, but that will depend very heavily on how the new politicians are able to set aside their differences and set aside their own personal ambitions for the good of the nation. It won't take long to find out and I still have my bags packed just in case!

Coney Island

Umbongo said...

"No batty Harman pushing through even more lunatic social engineering laws"

Such laws, particularly the Equality Act, were given unequivocal support by Theresa May - the Conservative "official" spokesman on such matters. The lunacy is certainly not confined to Labour (or the LibDems for that matter) and there is no indication that the lunacy will cease under the new dispensation.

Umbongo said...

and right on cue May is made Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality. What a crock!