Saturday, 22 May 2010

Squealing Mandarins squirm to save their troughs

Cameron's lead in walking to the Commons and jumping on a bus home is causing panic amongst the bloated functionaries at the heart of the Leviathan State. Senior mandarins, virtually unknown to the public let alone to a primitive Bradford Jihadist with a Grade D GCSE in English, have long cited 'security concerns' to excuse a munificent lifestyle of chauffeured cars and a closeted and protected existence far removed from contact with the citizens they rule. Cameron's behaviour may actually force these delicate orchids (Bateman-like shock) to take the tube to work.

Naturally, this weekend they are launching a concerted but anonymous campaign in the press to save their troughs by outlining the 'grave security risks' that Cameron is facing; their excuse for their own cosseted lifestyle lies in convincing their political puppets of their own importance in security terms.

Although these bloated plutocrats are actually at more risk of having their heads sawn off by an outraged taxpayer than by a Jihadist, and the security they erect around themselves nought more than pointless vain puffery and flam, expect them to fight this one viciously.


The Great Simpleton said...

Good point. Those of us who were really at risk in the 70s and 80s were taught to look under our cars and to keep an eye out for suspicious characters (paddies).

Policy development and implementation will be all the better if those involved in it are subject to the same consequences as everyone else.

Yokel said...

The Evening Standard has picked up on the reaction from the Security Apparatus. And is not best impressed. And they have packed the comments there to say how unimpressed they are!

Nick Drew said...

'security' is always the last refuge of a scoundrel

in my field - energy - you will always hear the subsidy-wallahs (nukes, wind-farms) revert to 'security of supply' when the environmental arguments start wearing thin

'those wicked Russians, they'll cut off all the gas! '

yeah yeah yeah

well it makes for a good musical number