Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Voting fraud - recent history

I've blogged on this before; here are a few excerpts;

In 2001 the Labour government introduced postal and proxy voting on demand. In 2003 and 2004 the Electoral Commission called on the government to tighten checks on postal and proxy voting - and was ignored. The results have been clear to see;
  • On 4/4/05 a judge declared void two local election results in Birmingham because of Labour postal vote fraud and said the evidence of fraud "would disgrace a banana republic"
  • On 8/4/05 a Labour councillor in Blackburn was jailed for stealing 233 postal votes
  • On 14/4/05 the Head of Birmingham's electoral team was suspended following the discovery of 1,000 uncounted postal votes
  • In May 2005 police were investigating 25 cases of electoral fraud in 19 constituencies
  • In April 2006 police were investigating postal vote fraud in Tower Hamlets, six other London boroughs and Birmingham
  • In May and June 2006 police were called to investigate intimidation and vote rigging in Surrey, Coventry, London and Birmingham.
In 2007 the Electoral Commission used NOP to estimate the extent of false registrations; in some voting districts, it was estimated that electoral registers were only 60% accurate.

In 2005, Labour ministers told Parliament that electoral fraud was 'very rare'. In 2006 the Electoral Commission received a file from the Crown Prosecution Service that detailed 390 cases of electoral fraud between 2000 and 2006.

In 2008 the Rowntree Trust produced a report 'Purity of Elections in the UK: Causes for Concern' that detailed serious failings and details of electoral fraud. The report found that postal and proxy voting had risen from just 2% of votes prior to Labour's introducing 'on demand' availability to 15% in 2005, with commensurate opportunities for large-scale fraud.

All Commonwealth citizens, whether they are in the UK legally or not, are entitled to vote in UK general elections. There is no checking of immigration status on registration.

Isn't it time we ended Labour's fouling and corruption of all we hold valuable in this nation?


hatfield girl said...

A difficulty with electoral fraud is, of course, the unexpected result. This is where political polling assists by creating a climate of false expectation. Corrupted polling and corrupted voting go hand in hand.

At the moment we have blatant discrepancies between polls and the experience of canvassers, not to mention common sense expectations that the state of the nation will cause the Brown regime to be thrown out on Thursday. Those protesting the polls are variously derided as not understanding the arcane anorakiness of political polling. It is notable that in most European countries political polling is banned when elections approach as part of the proper conduct of democratic voting and the avoidance of electoral fraud.

Budgie said...

"Isn't it time we ended Labour's fouling and corruption of all we hold valuable in this nation?"


Weekend Yachtsman said...
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Weekend Yachtsman said...

What Budgie said.

But who will do it?

We need to go back to a system where you have to vote in person unless there are genuine extenuating circumstances (such as Active Service abroad - holidays would not qualify in my world).

And we might need to beef up the ID requirements.

Anonymous said...

The postal ballot!
Brought in by the sewer party, Lord give me strength, NO!
Especially anything introduced by this bent anti-democratic, venal bunch of socialist meddlers, how could it ever work?
Corruption, everything Nu-Lab touches turns rotten.