Sunday, 13 June 2010

15% pay cut for public sector fat cats gets 90% 'yes'

It will probably take a quick piece of primary legislation to achieve, but cutting the wedge of Britain's public sector fat cats by 15% has come tops in a 'Mail' poll of budget measures. And an approval figure of 90% means we can be pretty sure that everyone in the country except the fat cats themselves would support such a measure.

I'll give it ten minutes before the Society of Local Authority Chief Officers or the Association of First Division Civil Servants come out with the bleat that such action will lead to an exodus. Sadly, of course, it won't. It would be nice if it did. Such people for the most part have nowhere to go, like my redundant friend from the BBC whose job title had absolutely no equivalent in the real world. If they do go, they'll end up training as farriers in Wiltshire or roof thatchers in Norfolk or something actually useful to civil life.


Anonymous said...

Never mind 15% - just fire them. They weren't there before Labour, so clearly there wasn't a job to be done. These are the non-jobs that Labour allowed to proliferate, so just fire their sorry asses out on to the street.

Coney Island

Budgie said...

I remember in a Midlands city, during the 1970s Labour government cuts (presumably the IMF cuts) the Labour council closed the children's paddling pool (this was before elfnsafety) but kept right on building a new council offices tower block.

These bureaucrats never change - they will cut the most sensitive front line service rather than their own bureaucratic empire.

The Cleggerons must get to grips with this. They need to make sure the bureaucracy is cut, not the service. If the bureaucrats persist in being so obstructive the whole shambles must be shut down and a new system set up to provide any service that is considered to be essential.

This is why abolishing the RDAs for example, rather than tinkering with them, is so necessary.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

What to do with the Society of Local Authority Chief Officers or the Association of First Division Civil Servants ???

Hmm... first mission to Mars? ... no, on second thoughts make that Venus.

Town Clerks and Sir Humphreys need thinning big time. We know far too many the present crew are pompous, self regarding, peculating boobs - manifestly incapable of delivering what it says on the box.

A dose of Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres would refreshing and certainly more deserved than that meted out to the unfortunate Byng.