Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Caroline Spelman is deluded

Caroline Spelman is seriously deluded if she believes that landfill is a bad thing. Clearly, she's gone native already, having abandoned her common sense to the mendacious nonsense whispered to her by her Federast civil servants. And she's even more deluded if she thinks people like me will ever collect food waste in slop buckets. Lewisham council's light touch on waste collection, weekly collection with recycling being voluntary, has made it very popular with the voters, though unpopular with Spelman's civil servants as it has the lowest recycling rate in London.

I hope Spelman realises that it's not compulsory to give your waste to the council. If mine starts any of that slop-bucket nonsense, I'll simply move over to incinerating any waste that will burn, and binning the rest in a single bin hired from one of the commercial firms, to go to landfill. Yes, it will cost a little extra, but worth paying for.


Robert said...

This as you must know is nothing to do with Spelman and everything to do with the EU.

The question you should be asking is why the 'government' does not tell us that this is a EU dictat. Perhaps it is something to do with being in Europe but not run by Europe.

Anonymous said...

So when people like you fill up all the landfills and we have to create more using up land that could be used in other ways. Would you like to live next door to it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous seems to think that we do not have enough holes in the ground for landfill. I believe that in this country have around 100% overcapacity in empty quarries,the restriction the use course originates in yet another Brussels diktat.

Passes me by why ideal biodegradable waste cannot be used in landfill, mercury and other heavy metals that will contaminate the water supplies I can understand, but food?

We already use slop buckets here and it really is not as bad as you would think, however one can't help feeling sorry for the binmen assigned to collect them.

English Pensioner said...

As we dig more out for various purposes than we put in, I can't see the problem.

It is the low lying countries of northern Europe (Holland, Germany, Denmark) who have problems; there is nothing worth digging out of the ground, if you try, the hole fills with water, and so it costs them a lot to get rid of rubbish. Thus, in the interests of equality, we all have to do the same.

Roger Thornhill said...

Spelman has gone native.

Expect it to not be compulsory to give food waste to the council (though I expect they or their "mates" make money out of it) but just be illegal to throw it away via the usual bin.