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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Crap value - BBC costs 480x the Queen

The BBC has gleefully reported the usual republican criticisms over news that, er, the royal household has requested no increase in the Civil List. The cost of our monarchy remains at £7.9m annually.

At this level, it's not far away from a Premiership footie players wedge, so how's it spent? Is there a succession of dinged Maserati's in the royal mews? Are millions splurged on tacky matching 'E&P' negro neck-chains in gold and diamonds? Does it pay for a vulgar villa in the hills of Marbella alongside the Russian mafia? Does it fund £25k a day shopping sprees for tat and bling with other people's names on from the shops on Rodeo Drive? Well, strangely no.

Most of it goes to paying wages to people. And not fat-cat high wages, but perhaps £13k a year each to a small cohort of loyal staff. And about a million a year goes on giving tea and sandwiches to the Sovereign's subjects. To be frank, £7.9m a year is absolute peanuts. It's the cost of refuse collection for a single London borough. What's more, it's the sort of budget the people who run the BBC suck up their noses every week in white powder.

In fact, the Queen's entire annual budget would pay for just 18 hours of the BBC. The BBC enjoys an income from the Licence Fee and government grant of £3,788.4m a year - some 480x the cost of the Civil List.

£7.9m will hardly buy a single radio studio in the BBC's narcissistic and hubristic new 'media city' in Salford, and the budget for running the Director-General's 'chill zones' and 'mix plazas' for all those dusty-nosed bureaucrats dwarfs the amount available to maintain and upkeep the fabric of the Royal palaces, which would, quite frankly, be rejected as suitable accommodation by the most junior BBC continuity announcement deputy producer.

We've got our priorities horribly wrong somewhere.


Anonymous said...

LizII is a diamond, worth every penny, I am not a fan of her awful family but she is dignified, humble and good fun, a worthy and GREAT monarch.
I do not have enough time or word power for the Beeb, sufficed to say, commercialise it and rid the nation of the lungs, heart and mouth of Socialism.

Witterings From Witney said...

Agreed R and the same comment and criticism can be made when comparing our political elite

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And for another 48 hours of Al-Beeb propaganda we could commission a new Royal Yacht - British designed, engineered, and built, of course.

Bring it on!

Pete said...

Agreed, but just how do we get the ball rolling to ditch the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation ?

I've totally stopped watching their news service as it is so bloody left wing it is embarassing and totally unable to give a balance report on anything.


I would be very happy to pay say £50 a year to the Government for a broadcasting licence - after all I pay them £27 for my fishing licence and £180 for my road tax.
I'm sure that Dave would like the extra £1Billion or so for the kitty, and at the same time to get rid of the left wing propaganda machine that the BBC has become.

Budgie said...

I like what you say Raedwald. But the remedy is in our own hands. We do not have to buy a TV licence.

Captain Fatty said...

I complained to al Beeb about this story
with the point that the Civil List is not funded by the tax payer (it is partly the excess revenue from the Crown Estates). Much to my surprise they came up with a new story
which corrected their misconception. Now to educate politicians of all stripes and especially one Graham Smith of the anti-monarchy group Republic.


Anonymous said...

There is also the point that the Civil list at £7.9 has not changed for twenty years! Could the BBC offer the same value for money?
Unlikely I think!
I believe that we are unique in that our head of state runs at a net profit to the taxpayer.