Friday, 11 June 2010

Glasgow's fat cat managers get the chance to manage

Glasgow City Council needs to cut lots of jobs. By 2013 it needs to lose 4,000 staff. They asked council staff which of them might be interested in taking voluntary redundancy; 3,000 immediately volunteered to do so. So what's the problem?

Well, all those apparently 'highly skilled' managers employed by Glasgow at well over £100k each have declared themselves unable to manage without a huge surplus of workers, and are now blocking the volunteers from leaving.

I'll tell you what. Let the volunteers go, and any senior manager unable to maintain services using the wide raft of alternatives available to them should be made compulsorily redundant and follow them. Now's exactly the time we will find out just what these fat cats are really worth.


English Pensioner said...

I agree.
My daughter was second in charge of a small government department, and management decided to cut it from 13 people to six. The boss promptly resigned, and six people were transferred. Another is off sick from stress, and one lady is on leave having a baby. My daughter tells me that they are now getting through the necessary work without any problems, as far as she can see it was the boss who was making the work with unnecessary demands for progress reports, meetings and other non-productive work.
I wonder if this is typical?

Anonymous said...

Be fair, R. If you cut the pay of senior Glasgow Council staff, how will they be able to afford all that sweet, sweet cocaine?

There's a lot of people in Colombia who rely upon employees of Glasgow City Council. You need to think about them.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

It's our experience down here in Wiltshire that "redundancy" for coucil managers is simply a euphemism for "Lottery Win" only they don't have the piccy of the smiling winners in the local paper (miserable PR drivel spewing spineless cookie cutter rag that it is)

Checkout an example - the bulk of the 29 quoted got ~15K each - the rest got up to £350K!!!!!!!

It's actually worse than portrayed - they paid out fat wedges to folk who were in temprary posts i.e. employed when they knew the job was of limited duration (and payed a comensurately higher rate FFS ) - and not even liable for statutory redundancy - all decided away from public scrutiny in secret meetings between "cabinet members" and ... "executives". Ordinary councillors were excluded and refused access to the details.

Councils and council officials are categorically not to be trusted. They've been busy obfuscating and hiding payments, expenses and jacking their salaries left right and centre while the list of deliverables successfully err... delivered - dwindles daily.

Peculation? - whoah! not arf!