Monday, 21 June 2010

MP in suicide bid

(Poorly remembered from the 1970s but bear with me ..)

A meeting of MPs

Great Heavens! It can't be! It's Trumpington-Smythe!
I'd really forgotten that you were alive
How long has it been now? As long as all that?
Just goes to show you; you're growing quite fat.
Now I remember - it was your name of course
In the News of the World with the blonde and the horse
All dressed up in gymslips - I say, what a lark!
Now, now there old fellow - don't take it to heart
You've still got your health and your strength
Oh, I see; well, I'm sure they are able to cure leprosy
Your good wife is well? Oh, a messy divorce;
Lost your place on the 'Change and your place on the Bourse?
And how is your daughter, the doctor? I see,
but tell me, exactly what is a 'groupie'.
Well, charming to see you - I'm due at a call
What's that? Fifty pee? Buy a rope? End it all?
My dear, you can't contemplate such an end to your life
A rope's such poor taste; here's a pound, buy a knife.

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