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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Please, George, just three things ...

Please, George, introduce measures to deal with just three things on top of the many measures already signalled for your budget today;

1. Fake charities. These demean and damage the many genuine and deserving charities that will rightly have a greater role to play in the years ahead. Get rid.

2. The BBC. This profligate, bloated, arrogant and unaccountable corporation needs to be brought to heel under proper public control. Taxpayers are forced to pay a Prime Minister's salary to scores of gilded and privileged subversives. Take control.

3. Pubs. Despoiled under Labour's health fascism, beaten and cowed by the supermarkets, closing at record rates; if we lose any more, the very fabric of our nation risks coming undone. They are a vital part of our national life. Give them a chance.


Curmudgeon said...

Well, if Sir Peter North has his way, pubs outside of urban centres will be largely eradicated...

Captain Ranty said...

I asked for more than three things:

One can dream...


Anonymous said...

Yes the beeb needs culling, the global warming and socialist/new labour mouthpiece wants to be severely chopped.
Child benefits too.
Give pubs and small businesses (especially new start businesses two year low tax window) all the help they can muster.
Cut the public sector across the board and therefore finish off the Grauniad too.

Budgie said...

The BBC? Take control?


It should be sold off as a pay to view corporation. The BBC could not complain because it keeps insisting that it is already independent and a fair competitor to the likes of ITV and Sky. I predict only the Guardianistas would buy, and the BBC know it but will never admit it.