Saturday, 5 June 2010

When you take morality out of politics you get Mandelson

I almost missed Max Hastings' piece for the Mail yesterday in which he excoriates the memory of one Peter Mandelson. When you take all morality out of politics, when your greed and hunger for power alone overcome every moral scruple, you get Mandelson. The stench of Mandelson's myriad corruptions, the repugnance of his lust to suck-up to those with money and power, his manifest inability to tell the truth and his abhorrent gluttony for Mammon's tarnished coin all make Mandelson about the most odious shit ever to have walked the corridors of power.

I, for one, will not enrich this distasteful little troll by one penny by purchasing his book. However, I suspect the above characteristics will prove fascinating enough for many to do so, and certainly it will be required reading for those of the loathsome Political Class.

I would rather we remembered Mandelson as a prime example of what happens when politicians lose every vestige of morality; he lingers as a rank flatus consequent of Godless venality. I curse his memory, and curse his foul distortion of the national good to line his pockets. May he be damned to eternity.


Hoping there's a Hell said...

Best post I've ever read (and I've read hundreds).

Savonarola said...

Radders. Outstanding post.

If anyone from the Speccie reads this, grab Raedwald and let him write 'Another Voice' because here we have another Bron.

Ed P said...

Are you sure he's gone for good?

Just remember it was difficult to get rid of Rasputin, probably one of Voldermort's heroes.

Budgie said...

Good post, Raedwald. Mandleson was the worst but unfortunately not the only one to shame Labour and shame the UK.

Blair, Campbell, Adam Ingram, Alan Johnson and Bill Rammell are all listed as serial liars, including as Ministers lying to Parliament, by Peter Oborne in Saturday's Mail.

William Gruff said...

' ... his lust to suck-up to those with money and power ... '

Suck-up or suck off?

Anonymous said...

Yes, if there was just one person that summed up the god-awfulness, and the Orwellian, Animal Farm-esque attitude of the NuLab experiment, it was Mandelson. In order for this country to really move forward and move on, Mandelson needs to be tried in a court and found guilty of his crimes to the UK, then imprisoned for life somewhere where he can never see the light of day again. Only then will he never spawn any successors and only then, will this country truly be rid of his malevolence. A silver bullet is the other alternative.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Strong words, Mr. R. and a great post.

Well said. Couldn't agree more.