Friday, 11 June 2010

While the real criminals walk free

Ed Balls is making a decent fist of distancing himself from his government's swamping the country with legal immigrants and ignoring the vast army of illegal overstayers, all done, we are told, to piss-off and undermine traditionally minded Brits who valued their own culture and way of life. Balls and his criminal cabal have let in maybe 1m immigrants who shouldn't be here, yet not one of them faces justice.

Many MPs who lied, defrauded and stole their way to riches have now left Parliament with generous redundancy settlements; others of the guilty are still sitting. Only three Labour MPs are facing criminal charges. This was peculation on a gigantic scale, to the tune of millions, the organised robbery of the public tax chest by the pompous and privileged, puffed-up with a self-righteous sense of entitlement and still uncomprehending of the public anger.

Elsewhere, an Anglican vicar who it is alleged conspired with a Nigerian pastor / solicitor to marry African overstayers to broke EU nationals from Eastern Europe is undergoing trial in Lewes Crown Court and no doubt faces de-frocking and prison if convicted.

And an NHS manager who defrauded the taxpayer of £201,333.27 has just been jailed for two years and nine months despite having paid back some £150k of the stolen funds. She also had her £41,000 redundancy payment from the NHS blocked because of her misconduct.

Despite the squeaky rhetoric, it seems there's still one law for MPs and one law for the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

One million, a bit on the low side, you should see Northern areas like Lancashire, West Yorkshire and the East and West Midlands..... and ever taken a train journey to Reading from Paddington? - Like Bombay to Pune.
You'll appreciate what I mean.