Sunday, 4 July 2010

ACPO too posh to walk

Whilst Cameron and his cabinet happily trot the 400m between Downing Street and Parliament, whilst Boris is happy to cycle everywhere within ten miles or so and whilst even the sovereign at the age of 84 is happy to walk a street full of well-wishers, it seems the bloated plutocrats at the head of ACPO have forgotten how to use their legs.

These gilded jades, eager to avoid any contamination by contact with the British public, arranged an executive coach and police escort to carry them a few hundred yards from sty to piggery at a recent conference.

A police chief too unfit to walk is clearly not the man to understand the public's concerns about policing. But then we knew that.


Rossa said...

Almost as good as the expense claims by the police protection squads for ex PMs, the Royals and diplomatic services.

Sweets, ladies blouses and shorts (male officer with William and Harry in South Africa), 5 star hotels, 1st class air travel, Michelin starred restaurants.

talwin said...

Mind you, how many cops at whatever rank walk anywhere nowadays? Not many, I think.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Be nice if somebody asked Hugh Orde about this - noted marathon runner that he is...

So, Sir Hugh, would you care to comment on the levels of physical fitness amongst the most senior police officers in the UK?

I think they should be made to run a mile, swim 400m and do 100 pressups before they start work every day. That'd sort a few out -prolly save on pensions too :-)