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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cleggy's dirty little secret

Cleggy isn't the sharpest knife in the draw, as his dismal performance at the dispatch box only too adequately demonstrated. So when he set up his 'Tell us which laws to repeal' website perhaps he was hoping to be flooded with demands to feed feral pigeons without penalty, or erect windmills around the Elephant without the bother of planning consent.

In fact, the site has been flooded, overwhelmed and filled with folk wanting the smoking ban repealed; this single subject outdoes all others in terms of comments, numbers of votes and the like. But clearly this isn't the result Cleggy wanted - so the site's administrators are doing everything they can to disguise the fact. They've hidden 'smoking' from the big topic sidebar but included 'business regulations' in there. They 'hide' posts so that no individual smoking post can attract top numbers, and the search engine is utterly farcical. There are dozens of posts complaining about this distorting admin ... which have also been well hidden and difficult to find.

As an example of how a risibly biased and corrupt 'consultation' can be manipulated as well by the current government as it was by the last, this web page has no equal. And just like Liebore, the Cleggies only want to hear the consultation they agree with.

Shame on the lying rascals. I'd string the lot of 'em up by their testicles from Westminster Bridge for this deceit.


Chris said...


Blue Eyes said...

Clegg might also wish to read The Plan for some ideas. Or perhaps have a consultation on which laws from the past 13 years people want to keep?

I can think of two or three things that Labour improved, but even they were done in a totally cock-in-hand way.

Dick Puddlecote said...

A very accurate summation.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I don't care much about the smoking ban - except to hope the Government does't water it down (* ducks under desk *) - but the same obfuscation is being applied to the many requests to repeal the European Communities Act 1972.

The site specifically states that they can do nothing about EU rules and regs - what a giveaway! But absent that 1972 act, all those things would fall.

Isn't this all rather reminiscent of that poll that was held a year or two back, the winning item supposedly to be promoted as a Private Members's Bill in the House - until it turned out that self-defence against criminals was the winning item, at which point the sponsoring idiot basically said "Oh, no, I didn't mean those kinds of laws.

Plus ca change...