Friday, 16 July 2010

'It's what we do'

Knock - Knock


"Hi! I'm from the BBC and my name is Caroline Thompson. Sorry to disturb you, but I've popped over to Loamshire Road today to pick up my taxi costs."

"Your what?"

"My taxi costs. For the last three months. Split between the 23 houses in your road, it comes to £145.50 each. Cash is good, but I've got a thing to take cards with, if you'd prefer"

"You spent £3,400 of our money on taxis? In three months?"

"I assure you it represents good value - I can make work phone calls from the taxi, you know."

"How did you get here?"

"Um, taxi. He's waiting over there. He's a real sweetie - I've still got sixteen houses to visit"

"You've squandered my entire annual licence fee on your cab fares for one single working day?"

"Oh yes! It's what we do!"


TheFatBigot said...

I claim no expertise in sums, but I believe the longest possible three-month period is 92 days.

That woman claimed £3,389.69 on expenses for taxi fares. As best I can do, that is a touch under £37 a day, seven days a week.

Let's allow her a 6-day working week, it's then a little under £43 per working day - approaching two licence fees a week.

Blue Eyes said...

Are all BBC "executives" as ugly as Byford?

Ed P said...

Starve the Beeb of funds: cancel the Direct Debit for your licence fee. They will send threatening letters, but nothing happens for years!
And if you only watch on-line with I-Player, etc. (not live broadcasts) or just use a DVD, there's no requirement to have a licence at all.

William Gruff said...

TFB: Radders never replies to critical comments.

Ed P: Watching BBC programmes as they are broadcast on iPlayer requires a licence, as does watching any other programme broadcast by any other broadcaster.

Raedwald said...

William, I actually tend to refrain from replying to any comments, critical or otherwise - believing it's your space, to trash what I write or otherwise.

However, each comment is carefully noted and I will often deal with a point raised in a subsequent post, or learn from a mistake I've made.