Friday, 2 July 2010

Rickets - when breast is not best

Following on from the piece below, the Evening Standard tonight publishes the findings of Tower Hamlets GP into the health of the heavily immigrant population; "It's very similar to what you would find in developing countries in big parts of our communities."

In nations with greater solar exposure than the UK - including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia - the native population's exposure to the sun is enough for the skin to convert Vitamin D from an inactive to an active state, in which it assists in absorbing calcium from the gut. Here, in the absence of so much sunlight, our traditional diet provides the same Vitamin D to our northern European population. Without Vitamin D you get rickets - bowed legs from soft bones. Rickets is alive and well in Tower Hamlets and the rest of this part of East London.

What we should advise mothers immigrating from 'at risk' nations is this; expose as much of your skin and your children's skin as possible, spend lots of time outdoors with your skin exposed, use formula milk instead of breast and eat oily fish such as herring and mackerel, and switch to the same diet as the native English.

Sadly, this all goes against the superstitious and primitive religious teachings of the at-risk groups, goes against the harridan shrieking of distaff Guardianistas that 'Breast is Best!' and is condemned as 'cultural imperialism' by the cerebrally challenged left.

And so we have Rickets.


William Gruff said...

The answer to this problem is obvious, as I'm sure you'll agree.

Ed P said...

Natural Selection in action!

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