Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Will the CIA charge my account?

News to me that details of all transactions on my bank account are now to be passed to the CIA; not just me, you understand, but all of us. The EU has decided on our behalf. Now where on Earth did I get the idea that I had any say in maintaining the privacy of my personal information?

It can't be long before a new charge appears on my monthly statements as the gutterbanks seek to profit from it all; 'Data transfer £3.50' or somesuch.

And I don't suppose the arrangement is reciprocal, that EU security services have access to the bank accounts of US citizens? No, of course not. Silly of me. They wouldn't stand for it, would they?


Anonymous said...

This outrage is an excellent example of the way in which the EU nomenklatura views it's 'citizens'.
We have no rights or freedom, we are thought of as mere dumb domesticated animals: to be very firmly kept in our place, which is supine in front of our masters feet.
Of course it is all done in our name and for our own 'benefit'.
How paternally patronising it all is, what choice do we have?
How did it ever come to this? As the years go by my loathing for Heath is now crystallizing into a pathological hatred and I can spare some for the EU politburo, I know they hate me, it is reciprocated with interest.

Banco said...

Does this also apply to Euro Commission employees and politicians?

Why is there never an IRA fellow around when you need one?