Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ash madness

The 70 year old woman handed a FPN for dropping ash at a bus stop could make an uncomfortable precedent for local councils. Yes, ash, not the fag butt.

If ash is now to be classified as 'litter' under the terms of the EPA, every council vehicle on the road will now be liable to be fined. Ash, you see, along with soot is a component of vehicle exhaust, and a dustcart idling at the kerb may deposit as much ash as from Mrs Martin's fag.

And if ash now counts as litter, why not rubber dust from vehicle tyres and the dead skin and hair constantly shed by humans, including by the litter gauleiters themselves?

The council themselves seem doubtful over this one, commenting that "In general terms, however, our wardens do not issue fixed penalty notices for dropping cigarette ash. They do for dropping cigarette butts, which are specifically classed as litter under the Environmental Protection Act"



Anonymous said...

That's not what I heard on R4. I heard she had dropped the butt on the floor - but I, and they, could be wrong.

Ash, fine. Butt, no! I have longed lamented the filthy streets of this country and litter in Britain is a menace, an eyesore and a danger. Yes, a danger - think Bradford football stadium.

If she did drop the butt on the floor, then she gets what she deserves.

Coney Island

Raedwald said...

Agree CI - as a smoker I religiously dispose of butts in public either in bins or carefully dropped down a road gully.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

How about the ptomaines emanating from the rotting corpses of council officials?

That will be a problem if any of these people come near me.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who drives a car would be well advised to keep their trap shut on the issue of pollution in
our towns.If you live in a cave ,
wear leaves and eat grass,I'me
all ears,if not ,shut it and tiptoe
back to your ivory towers.

The question that needs answering
by some clever little nanny,did the old lady drop a butt or just ash,if a butt ,a warning ,if just ash sack the warden on the spot.

Is police horse shit outside local council wardens control.

Pooh Scooper General

Anonymous said...

Walking around any town centre early on a Sat' or Sunday morn', the litter detritus, human waste eruction remnants and most obviously butt ends is ubiquitious.
But!......Where are the wardens when they are most needed?

Is it that, once again the easy target is the only target?

I've yet to hear of a attempted prosecution of a; tattooed, drink raddled and/or behooded street thug who dropped his butt/ash.

Anonymous said...

And we're stupid enough to pay these ********************s to do this to us? And then to "debate" about their logic?

Give me strength. We really do deserve everything we get.

Anonymous said...

We can bleat till the 'cows come home' and nothing is changed.

The only way is for the public to fight back and shout enough is enough!

How to make 'them' listen?

A concerted policy of non co-operation, refusal to pay taxes, locally, nationally, put a crowbar in the works, make 'em listen, on the EU and a host of other things.....the only way, the ballot box is useless.
Or roll out the tumbrels.