Sunday, 22 August 2010

Libel and the legal shitehawks

Now I remember!
It was your name, of course
In the 'News of the World'
With the blonde and the horse
All dressed up in gymslips
I say what a lark ..

There is, one hears, more than one England soccer player grateful to Judge Cocklecarrot Eady for something known as a 'superinjunction' that bans not only any mention of spatchcocking with Brazilian transgendered rent-boys in a Croatian brothel by such players, but any mention that they've even applied for an injunction. Those with a prurient interest must be grateful for the interweb, and that (for now) it's beyond Judge Eady's reach.

One suspects that if Mr Eady had not chosen the bench, he would by now be a full partner at Messrs Carter-Fuck. EUReferendum carries a must-read piece deconstructing the Telegraph's non-apology to Rajendra Pachauri for a painstakingly researched and evidenced piece by Richard North and Christopher Booker.

Not only chambers but some parts of the bench have been taken over by legal shitehawks to the benefit of the super-rich and the detriment of the rest of us. It's time for some gamekeeping.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Let's start the gamekeeping by exposing the "insurance" policies that Richard alludes to.

I was told a while back these policies are behind the steep rise in car insurance - as legal bottom feeders around the country can advertise "no win no fee" when for them with their insurance it's actually win-win.....

This must be stopped and as soon as possible.

In the meantime can't they send nasty berk Eady to be Governor General of some obscure British outpost?

Demetrius said...

Right on, as for distant outposts perhaps putting the chap in some social housing in one or two of our more interesting communities might give his time to think.

Anonymous said...

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