Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The madness of Gordon Brown

Whether Brown's book, provisionally entitled "I certainly was in the right", will reflect the paranoid delusions of his days in office remains to be seen. The extent to which he was medicated whilst in Number Ten will no doubt be revealed in years to come. The lesson we must learn is never to allow so deeply mentally flawed an individual to occupy an office of State again. The Speccie carries an extract from Chris Mullin's book that is telling;

While Gordon and his party were inside, word reached them that David Cameron was waiting outside. Whereupon Gordon, fearing that his limelight was about to be stolen, went into a great sulk, strode out of the embassy, barely acknowledging Cameron.

Once in his car he began pummelling the headrest in front of him, causing his protection officer's head to ricochet, bleating about 'treachery' and 'conspiracy' and demanding to be told: 'Who did this to me?' A hapless official tried to placate him.

Eventually the official enquired who was in this conspiracy. To which Gordon, without batting an eyelid, replied: 'The Tories, the Chinese and the Foreign Office.'”


Guthrum said...

Never were those 'Downfall' clips so apt

Anonymous said...

I always thought observing and unfortunately listening to this awful excuse for a politician: that he had completely lost his marbles.

But then I used to muse; to lose one's marbles, one must be the owner of some sort of nous - in the first place.
Evidently, this present (book writing fad - who does he think is going to read his ramblings?) madness is not a new manifestation.

Brown always was off his rocker - to think that he could become PM and his increasingly scatty behaviour latterly, proves my point.