Thursday, 19 August 2010

Spending Challenge charming naivety

Asking the nation's public sector clerks how money could be saved was never going to produce the most strategic package of spending measures. Allowing them to vote on each other's suggestions was only ever going to compound the folly.

Getting a grip on the results on the Spending Challenge website is not easy. At a time when the Treasury have released millions of lines of raw economic data for us to model ourselves, the task of releasing 100,000 suggestions in raw format seems beyond them, and we are stuck with useless search filters and an utterly obscure and unhelpful user interface geared at five year olds. Totally crap. 0/10.

From what's available, what the clerks seem to have come up with is this;

1. Get rid of FOI. It's taking up too much of our time.
2. Get rid of elected members / MPs as they create too much work
3. Issue all government letters in black ink only and save colour ink costs
4. Stop using consultants because they earn more than us
5. Stop ministers having expensive lunches

I searched in vain for suggestions to close libraries to the public to allow the librarians to better look after the books and reduce wear and damage to the stock but no doubt they're in there somewhere.

I'm not knocking genuine direct democracy, but the coalition really hasn't got this one right. The whole thing has become open to parody and ridicule. It needs correcting.

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Quiet_Man said...

Was a bit of a case of asking turkeys to vote for Christmas wasn't it. :-D