Saturday, 14 August 2010

The strange death of Dr Kelly

Bill Quango usefully tethers the speculative balloon to earth with a well reasoned post on C@W; like Bill, I'm pretty sure that terrorists in hijacked aircraft destroyed the twin towers, that JFK was shot by LHO, that Diana was killed by a drunken driver and that the astronauts really did land on the moon. It's an Occam's razor thing. In all these cases, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the proximate truth. The same, though, isn't as clear in Dr Kelly's case. In fact, the evidence stinks.

Bill's question, why?, is the crux of the thing. If there is an answer, I don't think it lies with Iraq's WMDs. Kelly was one of our most brilliant microbiologists, global class, at 40 heading the bio-warfare division at Porton Down. Long before Iraq, with close working links to Washington and the Middle East, Kelly was one of the few people in the world to know who had and who was developing not only bio weapons of unimaginable evil, but the antidotes and antigens to everyone else's. In his head was information that could destabilise entire regions. If there's a 'why?' I think his bio warfare knowledge was it.

Kelly's ordeal at the hands of a thuggish and brutal Commons select committee, the sneering insults, the bullying and bared fangs of hounds at the kill exhibited by semi-feral Labour MPs certainly tipped him over the edge. In that state, no-one could be sure what he'd reveal - not about Iraq, but about some bio-warfare secrets of far greater impact to sensitive nations. And for that I think he was killed.

As to the 'who?' only the Israelis have the skills and resources to maintain murder squads around the globe of this calibre to murder dissidents. And I'm sure they did it without any knowledge on the part of HM Government whatsoever. Perhaps they used a cannula and bag to drain his life's blood. I don't think we'll ever know for sure. And for their own ends or those of a third party, who knows.

I think the lesson is clear to all of us; the world's a very serious and scary place, with nations playing for very high stakes, stakes against which the value of a single human life is nothing. And that unlike the UK, there are many nations who view selective murder as just an extension of Statecraft.


Anonymous said...

That's right Radders when life gets complicated, you can always blame it on Jews draining the blood of gentiles.

Bill Sticker said...

Only the Israelis? I think you'll find they're not the only ones with such resources. Not by a long chalk.

Anonymous said...

I think what annoys me most is that the whole business had hardly anything to do with Jews, but rather due to a small number of Muslims hijacking planes, followed by the insane US/UK response, led by a cabal of religious Christians such as Bush and Blair. A response (invading Iraq) that made no sense whatsoever. Whatever criticisms you might make of my co-religionists in the Israeli army - and I accept there are plenty you could make - they do at least have enough sense or self-interest to concentrate on proximate threats rather than, say, going to war against Afghanistan to convert the natives to democracy.

Strangely enough in my day job my "Jewish influence" doesn't seem to have any effect...I don't seem to be able to convince people to do things they don't want to do, at least I don't think I am any more persuasive than Christians are. I don't really understand how when evangelical Christians or proto-Catholics decide to invade Middle Eastern countries, they can be said to be following some irresistible Jewish influence.

PS: have you ever given blood? As a doctor, I can assure you that "draining blood" through and ulnar artery would be an absurd method of murder. It's fine for medieval slanders though, if that's what you are trying to achieve.

Bill Quango MP said...

This is certainly the most likely explanation for a why. Well reasoned and supported by yourself as always.

But when foreign agents have killed UK citizens we usually know. The danger for Israel, I surmise, to have killed a British scientist who was, if not opposing then not supporting, a middle east invasion, would have been far too dangerous.

If discovered the wrath of the Middle east falls on Israel, who are seen to be assassins for the west. Remember Israel was desperately trying to keep out of it. There was an early fear that the WMD would land on Tel Aviv. The UK is now put in an impossible position. They must condemn Israel. The anti war movement have a martyr for the placards and the government, already in a tight spot, is potentially out of office if it joins the war. The risks are too great.

Taking out the Israel part, the explanation is still good. Maybe the Russian government, known to have been working on chemical and biological weapons and nerve agents had something to hide. We know Russian agents can kill in the UK. Quite what they were so worried about that they would murder a scientist currently under the full glare of the media? It would have to be something big.

If we could think of it then we could beat Frederick Forsyth onto the shelves.

Guthrum said...

I just don't know with Kelly, all I know is I no long trust official versions of anything not since Matrix Churchill broke the camels back for me.

William Gruff said...

Anonymous 15 August 2010 04:56: An interesting reply; part paranoia and part hysteria. Calm down old son.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Only the Israelis? How about the Russians? The difference being that the Russians don't care who knows it.

And why are you so certain that the British had no hand in this? Blair, certainly, would have had no scruples.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Radders - to use "Occam's razor" on your own piece, it just doesn't seem to have the ring of truth about it re Israelis.

Don't forget, this nation of ours was under the grip of a manic paranoid dictator called Blair (OK, I exaggerate to make a point). This was a guy drunk on power and believing his own lies - lies which grew out of all proportion, but were still peddled to the public.

Maybe it wasn't WMD that was the trigger for execution, but using the razor, I think this foul act falls much closer to home. Right in the heart of the UK government.

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