Thursday, 26 August 2010

Street Clutter - Where's Daniel Moylan?

Eric Pickles has generated some favourable publicity for himself with his plea to local councils to end street clutter, and in the usual half-truths and downright dishonesty of such announcements completely neglects to mention that the answer lies with, er, the Coalition government. In particular, the Department of Transport.

Had Eric asked Cllr Daniel Moylan (left), former deputy leader of RBKC and now Boris' top man at TfL and streets guru, Daniel would have told him that the main cause of all the rubbish and clutter on the streets is the DfT's Traffic Signs Manual.

You see, all those signs are there because the DfT tells councils that it's best practice to put them all there. It's not compulsory, or a legal requirement, but councils who fail to follow the DfT guidance risk legal action for negligence from anyone who suffers injury. When Daniel was at RBKC, he instructed the council's highways officers to remove a whole forest of signs. They refused, protesting they would become personally legally liable. In an unusual display of balls, Daniel and fellow councillors then took the decision themselves, against officers' advice, and also took personal legal liability.

It's somewhat disingenuous for Eric to expect every council in the country to act as bravely as RBKC. The answer is for Eric to have a quiet word with Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, and ask him to withdraw the Manual as approved best practice and leave road design to local engineers. Until he does, I'm afraid this announcement is just so much Cameronian bullshit.


William Gruff said...

Have you written to Eric about the matter?

Anonymous said...

Correction - Mr Moylan is still the Deputy Leader at RBKC as well as Boris's Hatchett man at TFL, clearly a conflict of interest.

In any case, Mr Moylan will soon be paying the piper for his years of scandalous activities. Just send RBKC a FOI re his Philippines holiday courier service... Or even his activities that got him thrown out of S.Africa... Over to you fellow investigator.