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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Back to the 80s with Ed

Hattersley - if I ever own a pug I shall call it Hattersley - writes in today's Observer in true adulation at the crowning of Ed Miliband that "Real Labour will prosper only when it puts "the middle way" – an overt compromise between right and wrong – behind it". So we are told that Ed will be both 'radical' and 'progressive' which in Labour's coded publikspeak means 'socialist' and 'regressive'. We are told he has 'courage' and 'conviction'; 'chutzpah' and 'dogmatism' in normal language. 

So Dave will face Ed at the despatch box, and Labour will wriggle to find new and convincing ways to describe redistributionism, to persuade the voting public that their money isn't really theirs at all, but actually belongs to the State, and that the State can spend it far more wisely than they can. 

And Labour's aristocracy, Lady Toynbee in her Tuscan villa, Lord Stansgate in his waterside county estate, ermine Labour Lords from millionaires' villas in Primrose Hill and Camden Hill Square will sip champagne and toast one of their own as Labour's new leader. 


English Pensioner said...

In my own blog, I ask readers to imagine what would be said by Labour if this had been an election for the Tory Part leadership, and the preferred candidate of the MPs and Party Members was overruled by the votes of Big Business. Not only that, but if a black female MP had stood for the post, and not only come bottom of the poll, but had got a mere 0.87% of her vote from fellow MPs!

Racist? Sexist? Dominated by outside interests? Not Us!

Tufty said...

I think English Pensioner has hit the nail on it's proverbial head. Spot on.