Monday, 13 September 2010

Bankers far more foolish than Turkeys

Unlike Turkeys, Bankers quite look forward to Christmas. They both inhabit closed worlds where they are fattened by the efforts of others, cut off from natural daylight and the normal world, crammed together in their own society and heedless of the world outside. But unlike Turkeys, Bankers should realise, as the bonus season approaches, that crowing about the size of the City bonus pool - will it be £7bn? Will it get back to the old £8bn? - this year will be like laying their bloated necks on the butchers block.

We loathe and hate Bankers. Even Boris hates Bankers. These are the bastards that created $500 trillion of largely worthless derivatives that almost crashed the global economy. These are the bastards that are scamming and cheating every customer now to build funds to quietly write-off those worthless derivatives. These are the bastards who are choking the recovery by their greed.

And if the people, enraged by the level of this year's City bonuses, are unable to restrain themselves, there will be few who will blame them.


Budgie said...

"We loathe and hate Bankers." We? No, I don't.

'Bankers' (assuming I understand who you mean) are indeed 'bastards', and worse they are shits in the Solzhenitsyn sense that they float to the top of the sewage tank.

But that's what we have governments for: to protect us from the ruthless, the bullies, the amoral men who, like the barons of old, live by suppressing and fleecing the serfs.

Unfortunately Labour cosied up to such men and was more concerned that we should eat 5-a-day and not leave our bin lids open.

Ancient (and skint) mariner said...

Whilst I agree partially with Budgie, I will continue to hate bankers until such time as they begin again to give me a reasonable return on the money I lend them via my savings account