Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The dreariest and longest journey

The beaten road
Which those poor slaves with weary footsteps tread
Who travel to their home among the dead
By the broad highway of the world, and so
With one chained friend, perhaps a jealous foe
The dreariest and longest journey go

Blair belongs amongst the dead. His continued presence in the world of the living is an affront, an insult to life and joy and goodness, and yet even death seems reluctant to claim his lie-raddled corpse. Every further word of lies, every self-pitying self-justification, each deluded post-hoc self justification, every falsely pious homily, every deluded narcissistic encomium to his own greatness heaps insult upon insult and affront upon affront.

Take this putrescent little gobbit away from our sight and hearing.


Cellphones Review said...

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SimonF said...

There is a line in a Yes, Prime Minister! story about Gd not being in any rush to meet his Bishops.

Perhaps Blair's God is no rush to having to put up with the him?

Anonymous said...

Listening to the short reviews of his book on the Radio 4 morning banter show I found they delved on the meaningless 'Gordon Brown was an ogre' and nothing about the rape of the country of industry and wealth, of the British way of life of morals and personal character... all smashed via uncontrolled immigration with their subsequent breeding on benefits and subsidised housing, making a paedophile charter of revolving doors and the equivalence of all perversity and stoneage religions, and constant public surveillance to solve crimes.

A ruthless, hollow and empty man. A narcissist, still talking up the New Labour of fawning to oligarchs and communising the masses.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. Good words Radders and likewise Kinderling.

The Times leading articles (page 2, para 2) states thus:

"In the three years since he vacated office, a view has settled about Tony Blair. He wasted the extravagant promise of 1997. By refusing, or being too weak to deal with the serial disloyalty of his Chancellor, he is as much to blame as Gordon Brown for the deficit. He took the nation into a reckless adventure in Iraq that cost thousands of lives. And then, having been forced from office, he traded on his time in office to gather the most obscene wealth."
(end Quote)

And I would like to add - "and he did it all deliberately and knowingly at the expense (in its widest context) of the British public."

The fact that Blair walks the streets a free man is indeed an affront to our democracy.

Coney Island

Robert said...

Blair doesn't walk our streets a free man. He has to be protected at our expense where ever he goes.

I am not sure if Blair is a resident of this country. He may for tax reasons now be a 'non dom'. If he is then his protection should be withdrawn and perhaps he may face the consequences of his actions.

Rush-is-Right said...

Radders old man..... bloody well put.

An acknowledgement to Shelley might have been nice though!

Treason Personified said...

Outstanding Raedwald. Yourself & the commenters above articulate my views far better than I could ever express them myself.