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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

EU rules France must pay for our pre-retirement leave

The Mail is waxing froth at a ruling from the EU - actually a letter rather than a court ruling, so there's an element of doubt here - that eastern Europeans should be able to move here and start claiming UK Unemployment Benefits at UK rates without any hindrance or test.

But what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and current French restrictions on eligibility will also fall foul of the ruling; this means Brits are entitled to the same benefits as the native French without any pre-qualification or special conditions. 

If you're 57 and being made redundant from the Carrot Council or the British Sausage Board or another of the culled quangos, don't despair. The three years before your pension kicks in can now be spent in idleness, painting in Arles or just quaffing the DOC in Avignon, being paid 57.4% of your last salary for up to 42 months. And from 57, you don't even have to pretend to be looking for a job. 

So while you rent your London semi out to an Albanian weightlifting team for a small fortune and avoid the dreary Olympics at the same time, enjoying the sunshine, cheap high quality food and wine and rest and relaxation after a lifetime promoting carrots or standardising sausages, thank those faceless muppets in Brussels. 


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Do you really think the French will abide by this ruling?

Is British beef sold in France these days?

Westerlyman said...

Or Stilton. Try buying British cheese in frogland.