Saturday, 25 September 2010

Europe's political class vs. the people of Europe

The European political class, that little social-democratic army of polyester suited Europhiles dragging little wheely bags around airports from Budapest to Barcelona with Brussels in between, is increasingly out of kilter with Europe's voters over immigration. The Europols like imigration; immigrants are atomised individuals with no inherent ties to European nation, place or community, people for whom the grey overhead of the Leviathan central State offers money, housing and healthcare, and therefore their affection. In contrast to we unreformed ingrates, who treat them with scorn, their manoeuvering for power and position with contempt, their blatant trickery and anti-democracy with ire. 

But the schism between Europe's political class and Europe's people over immigration is growing increasingly large. In Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria and even Belgium itself, voters are putting their crosses next to the anti-immigration parties. The petulant whining from Brussels in defence of the Roma, north African ghetto-makers, the African diaspora, criminal Somalis and Romanian pickpockets and baby-druggers is not finding many echoes.  

The difference between the original European idea of a single free market, of dismantling barriers to trade and movement of goods and people, of eroding the frictional costs of commerce and the Europe we have now has been likened to the difference between Marxism and Leninism. What natural progress failed to achieve quickly was brutally imposed by diktat. And once that power is tasted, once exercised, it becomes as hard to kick as crack cocaine.

Let's not forget that our own loathsome political class have more in common with their counterparts across Europe than with the people of Britain.   


Witterings From Witney said...

Well said R, especially the last paragraph! Immigration is a subject that can only provoke nationalism and which in due course will split asunder our bete noir!

Anonymous said...

Our 'scum political class', since MacMillan's 'pro Schuman plan' days: has always seen their cousins and friends in Europe, as their natural allies in the battle to subdue and subject the British.

And it did and is working, there will/must have to be a revolution.
Elections merely reshuffle the chairs in Parliament, the lot of them (Tories/Lavs/Lib dhimmis)are Socialistas: societal re-engineers.

Mass immigration is the perfect solution: in Britain and across Europe (for the dissolution of European nations), they are (the EU/British political elite) - the master race........the NOMENKLATURA and, we will be made to is now evident, it was a secret but not so now.

The dumbing down and subjugation began in 73, it is/has not far to go now.
Their work is, nigh on done, the federal EU superstate is now reality.

Only through war, can they be removed, the poison pervades through all of society.

In; councils, quangos, the NHS, local governments and parliament, through the legal profession/judiciary, police and moneyed, bureaucratic, kleptocratic elites up and down the country - it is not (just) in Brussels - they are here! We are ****ed!