Saturday, 4 September 2010

In praise of Taschen

The deep shelves behind me house an entire row of Taschen's art books. Acquired when I was much poorer than I am now, at the rate of perhaps one or two a month, they helped turn my monochromatic appreciation of the stuff hanging in our galleries into a technicolour experience of powerful expression.

A friend, an editor at Thames and Hudson, has always jealously pooh-poohed the print quality, the quality of colour rendition of the plates and the erudition of the scholarship, but my constant reply was that I could afford Taschen's £10 books; I could never afford the same £120 edition from his firm.

Taschen are the Everyman Library of our day. All praise to Benedikt Taschen, who picks his favourite publishing moments in the Indie today.

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talwin said...

Couldn't agree more, Radders. When I finally made up for doing bugger-all work at grammar school back in the 1950/60s, and, as a retired mature student, did a degree the title of which included the word 'design', I discovered Taschen's little efforts whilst browsing the cheap-end book outlets.

I could always find a bit of something on just about everything (perhaps that's what ed. of T. & H. snootily means) germane. So in my case great for quotes, pics., and pretty useful for a bibliography.