Thursday, 9 September 2010

Labour filth and corruption agony for Britain

Let no one be in any doubt that the cuts to come from the October spending review will cause a world of agony to millions across Britain, will degrade our ability to protect our nation and people and leave us vulnerable, and will freeze millions of lives in a struggling stasis at subsistence level for a decade. And none of this will be the fault of this government.

And every time I see one of those smug, comfortable faces from Labour's last government enjoying the pain, I will want to string the bastard up from the nearest lamp post. For this is the real legacy of the filth and corruption of Labour's misgovernment, Brown's Ponzi economy that bribed silly and vulnerable voters, Labour's hollow and vacuous ideology that disguised nothing more than a naked lust for power and wealth amongst the Party's repellant godfathers.

Labour have turned Britain from a comfortable nation of communities that were if not wealthy then at least endowed with a sufficiency, where reasonable aspiration was a new mid-range Ford every few years, a fortnight's holiday and decent Christmas presents for the kids, into a fearful and unequal place, an atomised society, corrupt with the ordure of petty political power and where the route to wealth and place was Party loyalty and a fawning sycophancy that could secure a quango seat, a large grant of tax money, pretend jobs or unearned promotion.

Labour are an evil that soils and pollutes everything good and wholesome. They are a disease, a pestilence. They sour and destroy human goodness, abort the growing seed of mutual strength, blight the growth of national congruence and hide the Sun from the shoots of youth. May every Labour politician hang their heads in shame at the carrion foulness of the putrescence to which they gave spavined birth.

Our country has become a Hell of rottenness under Labour; political fraud, jobbery and nepotism from Westminster to every council chamber, podgy and bloated Labour fingers thrust into the national till, obscene rewards for Party-faithful clerks, funded from the exploitation of honest workers, by extortion from the responsible and the good.

We cannot cease the struggle until the last trace of this malevolent poison is eliminated from our nation, and for every manifestation of the agony to come let us never forget; Labour Did This.


Anonymous said...

That I detest Socialism is not in doubt, they quite simply are scum and bad scum at that - the hypocrisy is obscene.
Mandelson in the perfect example of the 'working class' activist, inverted snob - who despises the poor and lower classes and loves money and it's trappings more than Croesus.

The re-adjustment will be long and painful, the people who moue, pout and shout from the roof tops about "cuts and job losses!"..... err don't actually lose their jobs do they?
Union bosses, nice little earner no chance of redundancy here, Council bosses?..... err no, Labour politicians and 'LORDS', Champagne Socialists in the MSM and at the BBC....nope, Socialist 'new wave alternative' PC comedians - (Brigstocke, Elton) err don't be silly!!
It'll be the Eighties all over again and no one will pay any attention to the fact that (just like before in 1976-9) the Socialists with their blighted and damnable idiocies caused the pain.

Robert said...

And where was the Conservative opposition to all this over the last 13 years?

Where is the referendum on Lisbon they promised with a cast iron guarantee. ?

Having seen several Labour governments in my time all ending in failure it was to be expected this last one would be no different. Blair was like Wilson, cleverer and more media savvy, but shallower.They stole my pension and other things but the killer is that the Conservatives could not lay a glove on the bastards until Northern Rock in 2007.

In the following 2 years they were there for the taking. At the election the Conservatives were unable to get a majority after the mess you describe. That says all we need to know about the Cameron and his Conservatives. You can fool the people......

talwin said...

C'mon Robert, the Tories were a shell-shocked, busted flush after 1997 who deserved a spell out of government. But for years after they had neither the personalities nor the ability or credibility effectively to oppose anything.

Who could resist the siren songs and charisma of Blair in those first few years? Not the Tories and demonstrably, not an electorate, many of whom were seduced by slick messages and lies, often reinforced by compliant media which, up to the 2010 general election perpetuated the notion that Tories were evil, baby-eating toffs, out to destroy the country.

What I find frustrating is that the government are not repeating, every hour of every day, Raedwald's message here about what New Labour have done to us and in particular to the economy (and, like Robert says, what they do every time they're in power).

Why, whenever a cut of whatever proportions to anything is discussed is there so little reference to Labour's and Brown's legacy here? In respect of the horrors to come, it's almost as if the Tories have adopted an attitude which is intended to appear determined, stoical and stiff-upper-lip; which they hope may look focussed, tough and decisive but which, to my (Tory) mind at least is coming across as overly macho. I think I can see why this might be, they want to impress early on, "We're going to hit the ground running", appear 'statesman-like and all that, but the message needs softening. And there needs to be a bloody sight more finger-pointing at New Labour, and reminding everyone at every opportunity about just who, after 13 years, has brought us to this parlous state.

Budgie said...

I entirely agree with your post Raedwald, and with the comments so far.

I remember the euphoria (claimed anyway) when Bliar was elected in 1997. We dug out the candles to show the children what would happen under Labour. It actually took a bit longer than I thought, no doubt because Brown followed Tory economic policy for the first 5 years.

The problem is the coalition has the feel of the early Bliar years without the hype.

Angry Exile said...

In a sense Labour won the last election. They got out of the firing line for a few years and got themselves shot of Gordon Brown, and as a bonus ended up with the LDs sharing the government role. I suspect they hope that the attention span and memory of the electorate is sufficiently poor that millions of voters will have forgotten who really ruined the country and blame the Tories and LDs for it in 5 years time. That said, I'm sure the Cobbleition could ruin the country without Labour's help if they put their minds to it.

Ed P said...

John Major must bear a lot of the blame - if he had been a capable PM, planned better (and had an iota of charisma), we might never have suffered under Bliar & Brown

Robert said...

Talwin, it got so bad for the Conservatives that they were prepared to match Labour spending plans. Even when 'elected' they dare not cut back the NHS.In opposition they were clueless. Had Brown gone to the country in 2007 he would have won. In 2010 they nearly formed a government with the Libdems!

The Conservatives were 20 points ahead in the opinion poles in October 2009. Cameron reneged on Lisbon and the polls collapsed to less than a 10 point lead and never recovered. UKIP alone cost the Conservatives 20 seats.

You say I am too hard on the Conservatives. Their record in opposition speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Boat

They are all the same: the lib/lab/con triad are in it for money, power and anything else they can get. They are for big government, and there is nothing bigger than the EU short of the putative world government.

The ConDemolition(TM) government is merely marking time while the EU consolidates its power and takes over more of our lives until there is nothing left to take.

Welcome to the new government, same as the old.