Monday, 20 September 2010

Scots, Irish and, er, Indians are drunks - official

That Indians drink as heavily as Irish people is something of an eye-opener, I must admit. I've spent many happy hours in the company of intoxicated Celts but none I'm sorry to say in the company of Indians. 

The Glasgow Herald publishes evidence that drinking may have a genetic basis, with those on the Celtic fringes of our archipelago most vulnerable to the old C2H2O5. And Indians. 

Professor Raj McBhopal of Edinburgh University said "If we can better understand which ethnic groups have greater susceptibility then we can target alcohol-prevention strategies where they are most needed." 


Och aye said...

Pro Raj sounds like one of them thar fake charidees we hear so much about.

Goodness gracious me..

BrianSJ said...

C2H5OH when I was at school.

Fantana said...

So after a week of the papers telling us that the Pope is a Catholic, now we are informed that Scots are piss-heads! I presume next weeks headlines will involve bears crapping in woods?

English Pensioner said...

I had a Muslim friend when I was working and he'd happily come to the pub. According to his interpretation of the Koran, he was forbidden to drink the drink that was derived from the fruit of the vine. He stuck strictly to Beer and Whisky!

Anonymous said...

C2H2O5 = Carbon dioxide/water
C2H5OH = Ethanol (Drinkable)

Nick Drew said...

none I'm sorry to say in the company of Indians

then you have indeed missed something: I once worked in a software-related enterprise with a heavy Indian contingent, as is the rule in that sector

Friday night ... kilts and Jimmy-wigs ... there's no stopping 'em

it's perhaps to do with idolatry & plural gods (Hindus, Catholics, norsemen ...)

Anonymous said...

Ever been to a Seikh wedding? No? Then you eally have missed Indians going large!!

Bangra music an' all. Wonderful - I was spaced out for two days afterwards. Oh, and Slough definitely looks better when you are pissed :)

Coney Island

Yet another English OAP said...

Eng Pen: When I worked in Morocco a few years ago, all the staff would repair to the local hostelry after work a couple of times a week. The expats usually drank beer but the locals always ordered "Coke Marocaine" - Coke with a shot of Johnny Walker. Lots of them had no time for any of the koranic strictures about alcohol, although they were very strict about halal food.