Wednesday, 8 September 2010

They really don't trust us, and it's mutual

Dan Hannan makes the point well in his launch of a cross-party EU Referendum campaign, that the political class really don't trust the British people, don't like democracy much but are infatuated with the idea of a European Superstate. In return the British public certainly don't trust the political class further than they can spit.

We still haven't forgotten or forgiven Cameron's betrayal, his backtracking, on a referendum on the Lisbon Constitution Treaty, and with the Cloggies in coalition there is less chance than ever of actually securing a referendum in the near future. Yet this is not as inappropriate a time as it seems to launch a new Referendum campaign; these things take time to reach critical mass, and politics is more fluid now than it has been for many years. There are realignments, mergers, pacts and arrangements more possible now than they have been for some time.

The aim must be to keep the words 'EU Referendum' constantly in the air, for the political class to see them everywhere they look, and for the public to become as familiar with them as breathing. They should be in every email signature, appended to every piece of paper we transfer, pencilled on every banknote that passes through our hands, written on junk-mail envelopes and posted back, scrawled on the wall above every urinal in the country.

Our time will come.


Anonymous said...

Our time will come, I was too damn young to vote in 75, I've been a long bloody time waiting for another chance.
Thatcher was anti Europe?
Discuss, no Tory is anti EU it is just a matter of degree, how pro they are.
YES we must keep the pressure on, I do think tho' that the ordinary Joe/Joanna Public, still doesn't care enough - if we/us could open their eyes, to the corruption and how much it affects his/her life........ah no chance of that..
Alack!! - 35 years and waiting.

Jackart said...

The idea of Cameron's "betrayal" is childish and pathetic. You know enough to know that the Guarantee was made in the assumption of an imminent election, whch Brown shied away from. Only Eurobores thought (hoped) it appleid post ratification.

Cameron mishandled it, by allowing anyone to believe that there would be a referendum, but don't blame him, blame Gordon. He's the one who shirked a promised referendum

Stop doing Alastair Campbell's job.

The Coalition's got enough on its plate without a battle with europe following the inevitable "no".

Wouldn't you rather have IDS' benefit proposals & free schools? Because they're going to take ALL cameron's political capital.

Budgie said...

Jackart said: "You know enough to know that the Guarantee was made in the assumption of an imminent election"

No, Cameron did not make that clear.

"... don't blame him, blame Gordon."

And Clegg .... who, as Raedwald said, is part of Cameron's government. Cameron is not trying very hard, is he?

"The Coalition's got enough on its plate without a battle with europe following the inevitable "no"."

And why would we have a "battle" with our friends? And, children, you can't have a sweetie as well as an ice cream.

Spent Copper said...

Sorry Jackart. I normally agree with you but on this one I think you are wrong. Your man made a promise and he reneaged on that promice, ego, he lied to us. That says a lot about him and his core beliefs; none of it good. To me the only justification for a Government being able to lawfully conficate part of my earnings and skim money from me at every interface I have with them, is that they have the ligitimacy of a vote from us, ie Democracy. But when they lie, that legitimacy disapates and, if they keep doing it, ceases to exist. The EU has become a part, some would say the main part, of our Governamnt, but has no legitimacy at all. Leaving aside its waste and corruption, obvious for anyone to see, it has never been put to a Democratic test, let alone passed such a test. To me, and no doubt others this is an important issue. Yes, its all very nice to have free schools, and I'm sure anything proposed by IDS would be vastly better than anything offerd by the corrupt and incompetent lot we have just ejected from office. But if we are not the masters of our own Nation these thing do not ammount to very much. little more than as nicer prison really. We remain in the EU unable to make our own way in the world and subject to the whims of those whose relationship with us is similar to that of a Farmer to his Cattle.

Anonymous said...

Spent Copper, a good piece although a better analogy would be to liken our lot in Europe now, with the SERFDOM the Saxons 'enjoyed' under the thraldom of William's conquering Barons, we like them (the serfs), are dirt and no higher (and no better thought of) than they.

The Norman conquerers are so like their arrogant dopplegangers/spectral counterparts, in the Kleptocracy of the EU politburo.

Edward Spalton said...

To want to get out of the EU is one thing, to want a referendum about it is another. It's what the Liberal Democrats want. Any referendum would only be granted when the government was certain it could get the answer it wanted. Don't forget that in 1975 the well-prepared, well-funded "Yes" campaign had converted a 60% majority in favour of leaving the EEC in 1972 (as measured by public opinion poll) into a real majority of over 60% for staying in,

Whilst I think it is important to have an organisation prepared for fighting a referendum, I believe that an "in/out" question any time soon would almost certainly produce an "in" vote and then THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and campaigning will be on the back foot for another twenty years.

I sounded out Dr. Anthony Coughlan of the Irish National Platform on the matter - a man with more experience of referenda than anyone this side of the water and with a fairly good knowledge of the scene here. Whilst certainly not presuming to tell us what to do, he feels that a referendum could only be won if one of the main parties, preferably the party in government at the time, was in favour of an "out" vote.

So, if there is to be a referendum campaign, let it be about some specific aspect of the EU - Common Fisheries Policy, European Arrest Warrant or whatever. (We all know that these cannot be repealed without amending or abrogating the treaty). Then, if a vote is lost, it is not the end of democratic campaigning against the EU.

Anonymous said...

Fair points Mr Spalton and well explained, thank you.