Monday, 6 September 2010

Time to cull Bob Crow

Dinosaur Trade Union barons are almost an endangered species these days, particularly those who try to flex their muscles against a Tory Mayor and Tory government. Bob Crow is a veritable Diplodocus, but the Ice Age is here and he, too must crumble into fossil dust.

There is no 'right to strike'. Workers absent without permission can be dismissed for gross misconduct without pension payments, redundancy or lump sums. I suggest Boris takes this opportunity to thin out London Underground's bloated staffing by 15% pour encourager les autres. And Comrade Bob will fall.


Ed P said...

Also a good time to cut the financial support for union members spending days on union business whilst being paid by the Authority. As they are generally engaged in "biting the hand that feeds them", this absurd and corrupt funding arrangement should be curtailed immediately. If union officials want days off from work, they should take them as holiday, unpaid, or be paid by the union, not the employer.

talwin said...

Nah. Leave him where he is: a living reminder of the most unlovely, old style, arrogant, gob-shite, commie union barons.

Nathan said...

Fools. Don't you understand how the unions came about? Obviously not. I guarantee you would be paid less if there were no or ever had been any "..old style, arrogant, gob-shite, commie union barons.." They kicked the arses of the rip off merchants and fought for fair pay and conditions.
As far as biting the hand that feeds, I think Ed P that you have your wires crossed. Either that or you aren't wired up correctly. The hand that feeds the employer is the hand of the working man that in turn allows the employer to make a profit. If you don't want to pay fair or play fair, don't expect to have an easy ride off the back of other people.
The right to strike should always remain. Otherwise workers have no leverage. Pay up or make no profit. Or draft in foreigners to work for peanuts and leave others on the dole costing the taxpayer lots and benefitting only the companies (traitors) who do this. This obviously has already happened. So I say understand what you're talking about before you start writing devisive right wing BS. Be part of the cure, not the desease.

Ed P said...

The ragged trousered Nathan's view of history is typical of the left. The glory days of unions supporting the lower paid and fighting for their rights have passed. Nowadays they are a destructive, power-hungry force, attempting to wrest control from company managers and force through national legislation in their own interests, through their political wing, the labour party. The poor, down-trodden working man is the least of their concerns. Oh, and if companies do not make profits, then the workforce do not get paid - it's unexceptional for the leftist muddle-heads to fail to understand this, believing, as they do, in an omnipotent state (with magical, unlimited funds).
Reasonable people support reasonable rights for all - but the unions have lost sight of this.