Monday, 13 September 2010

TUC would condemn your grandchildren to poverty

As the TUC conference starts today with calls for strikes to cripple the economy over 'spending cuts', let's just remind the Comrades why we're here in the first place.

We're here because a Labour government backed by the Trade Unions borrowed money so profligately and at such an alarming rate that the prospect of half of all taxes raised being used just to pay the interest loomed. We're here because Labour backed by the Trade Unions tried to bribe the electorate for votes by condemning their grandchildren to poverty, leaving future generations to beggar themselves paying off the debts. We're here because Labour backed by the Trade Unions crippled the nation's economy by substituting a Soviet-style command economy for the free market, by deluding themselves as Gordon Brown did that the public sector was the 'real' economy.

And the Comrades are proposing doing even more damage?

Here's how Trade Union Members can help themselves; your union adds anything from £5 to £10 a month to your subs in the form of a 'political levy'. You can opt out of this. HERE is Unison's Opt Out Form - but all the unions will have them. Opt out today. Better still, resign your union membership altogether and spend the saved subscription on a legal insurance policy - these days, a smart city lawyer on a CFA is ten times more useful in protecting employee's rights than a Comrade branch secretary.

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Action This Day said...

"You can opt out etc". Sound advice and exactly what I did 30 years ago when I was severely inconvenienced by a strike of railway men in (secondary) support of something which was none of their business. The next day I returned my union card to HQ with a note cancelling my membership. A few hours later it came back with a note saying they were sure I'd like to reconsider. I cut the card into 8 pieces and sent it back with their note - and thereby gave myself a tax-free raise of 165 quid a year. I advise all other thinking union members to do likewise. You need your money far more than they do and, in reality, the union officials do very little for what you donate to their offices and lifestyle. After my resignation I failed to notice the slightest bit of difference to my existence - except for the extra cash of course!