Friday, 29 October 2010

Boris talking out of his arse

Boris has a propensity to be led astray by his trouser region, through either marital infidelities from the one end or fatuous pronouncements from the other. This latest odorous flatus signals that this week it's his arse's turn to take charge. This is the house in Kensington that costs taxpayers £8,000 a month in Housing Benefits to house Somalian asylum seeker Abdi Nur and his workless family. It's worth £2.1m. 

Ho, you say, Mr Nur could well have long family connections with the area, come from a long line of Kensington Somalis, needs regular Somali comestibles from Harrods or the like. Not a bit of it. He lived in a perfectly decent house in Brent at our expense prior to this, but didn't like living in a 'poor area'. 

Well, Mr Nur can now skedaddle back to Brent and lump it. If this is ethnic cleansing, then I'm Boris' anal wart. 


Blue Eyes said...

I have made a serious mistake with my life. Instead of going to university then getting a job and working hard to become a more useful and profitable employee in the hope that I could increase my earnings enough to get my own place I should have done none of that and turned up at the council and asked them for a chic West London residence.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that people from Somalia are used to a very high standard of living. Anything less then a villa in one of the most expensive areas in the West, say Kensington, Nice or Monte Carlo, would be totally unsuitable; in fact an insult to any Somali, who has graced us with his presence in the UK.

So let us be thankful that so many Somalis are in the UK, thus showing to the world what a high standard of life we have.

Anonymous said...

Somali immigrants are a bane on British society.
This example (Nur) is taking the *£4s. They come here, hate us and our 'decadent western ways' but soon fall into the same 'decadent ways'.
Somalis, treat us like s*45... there are in London, no go areas run by Somali street thugs, we let 'em in and they 'extract the urine' - the Met can't touch 'em (seemingly) unbelieveable......................-As for Boris, wrong again Bo.

JuliaM said...

"Well, Mr Nur can now skedaddle back to Brent and lump it...."

Umm, no. Mr Nur can now skedaddle back to Somalia! And take his entire family with him!

Anonymous said...

JuliaM wrote: Mr Nur can now skedaddle back to Somalia! And take his entire family with him!

But his uman rights? What about his uman rights.

Its educational to read P J O' Rourke on Somalis. Even by East African standards, Somalis are way beyond the pale, and are shunned even by East Africans. So one could argue that Somalis do not qualify even to a primitive standard of what it is to be human. Therefore Human Rights legislation does not apply.

This is a catastrophic problem the Labour government has bequeathed the country. We have over 300,000 Somalis, their population doubling every ten years or less. 95% of these Somalis are illiterate, even in their own language, and all of them are on Benefits, with many of them in crime. They are also very "devout", which means that they will take to the Jihad when the call of allah comes.