Saturday, 16 October 2010

Labour's poison legacy

Time has not diminished my visceral anger at the decade of criminal malfeasance by Labour that could still destroy our national competitive advantage. I believe more than ever that Brown and his crooked cabal belong in prison, and the fact that not one single MP has attempted to introduce a Bill of Attainder to put them there convinces me that the political class have closed ranks over this betrayal of the nation. 

The RAF costs £2.635bn a year and the Navy £2.185bn. Providing a bog-standard eduction to Blair and Brown's hordes of Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants currently costs £4.5bn a year. Let me repeat that. Migration Watch have published evidence that teaching the children of immigrants who have arrived over the past twelve years now costs £4.5bn a year, about the same as the nation's entire operating budget for the Navy and air force.  

And that's only the tip of the iceberg; poor, ignorant, diseased and unskilled immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and the like cost us billions more in health care costs, housing, welfare payments and policing. I'll bet the additional costs exceed that of running the entire army - £6.5bn a year. 

And all the while, their poor health, incestuous marriages, ignorance, ghettoism and primitivism distort and pull-down our national well being; they increase the level of poverty, increase genetic abnormalities in the population, increase the unemployment totals, lower national life expectancy and decrease average educational attainment. And this was Labour's corrupt and nihilistic policy, to weaken and destroy this Britain.

No, the anger is undiminished. Labour's criminal and poisonous legacy goes unpunished. Brown belongs behind bars, as do half the shadow cabinet.   


talwin said...

Well said. Yet there are those who keep trotting out the mantra that our 'culture' is 'enriched'. Trouble is, they don't go on to explain how on what way(s).

talwin said...

* ' or in what way(s)'

Anonymous said...

Oooo-ah! You is racialist and I is telling on you!

Immigrants is vibrant and multicultural and they is bringing diversity to us and diversity is our strength.

Have none of you white devils heard of chicken tikka massala? You wouldn't not be having none of that if it wasn't for the vibrant multiculturalism of the diverse immigrants.

Take the rough with the smooth, honkey feringhee infidels. If you want chicken tikka massal you must take antibiotic-resistant, voter fraud, genetic defects, honour killings and a general reduction in the national IQ. Allah-hu-Akhbar, unbelievers.

William Gruff said...

Prison? Ever the liberal Radders. Incarcerating the scum would simply cost us even more of our hard come by cash. Prison is not an option. Blair should live out the rest of his miserable life as a urinal at South Mimms services. Brown should be dealt with Guy Fawkes fashion, having first been flogged naked through every county of England. Straw should be handed to the mob, and the rest of the filth at Westminster should be dispatched either Beria fashion, with a bullet in the brain, through the back of the neck, or gestapo fashion, with a noose of piano wire hung from a meat hook. The choice of execution to be determined by a poll of each member's constituents.

Prison indeed!

idle said...

Gruff, he speak sagely.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Gruff, still keeping it real I see.

I wonder what your life must be like, how wretched your life must be, that your only escape is bizarre violent fantasies.

What nasty stuff did your mother do to you, Gruff?

JohnofEnfield said...

I protest. We don't want Blair anywhere near South Mimms.

William Gruff said...

Idle: Would that were true. You're very kind though.

Anonymous 10:56: If the only opportunities available to you to be clever are in the comments sections of blog posts you are in far worse circumstances than I. Try again, but try harder , and try to acquire a little wit beforehand, or at least a little more than the little you've shown here.

Anonymous said...

How could we bring to trial, on a charge of treason, this and the previous government?

Justice at Last... said...

I echo what Kinderling says.

Do we create an ePetition on the Downing Street website?

Do we bomabard "our" MP with demands for justice?

I have long thought as you do on this Radders, I just feel so impotent in the face of The State.

Anonymous said...


I pointed that you are seemingly unable to post anything that isn't frothing-at-the-mouth blood-soaked delusional rage against everyone you deem to be a lesser race. We've all seen your "I HATE THEM ALL! THEY MUST DIE!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!" rages before - against the Eevul Skottish Konspiracy, against the Eeviul Yooropean Konspiracy, against the darkies and the wogs and the piccaninnies and no doubt against many other Konspiracies and ethnic groups that I simply don't remember. (Although I certainly *do* remember your many declarations about Anglo-Saxon racial purity.)

What I have said is the truth, as anyone can see who cares to look back over your posts for the past few years. How this is "being clever" is beyond me - though perhaps in comparison to you it *is* clever.

If you can look at the crap you post and think that it is in any way normal or think that you are contributing anything other than proof of your own derangement, you are even more deluded than I thought.

You have mental problems, Gruff. This is clear to all of us here. You are the way I imagine Raedwald would be if you fed him nothing but amphetamines and absinthe for a month while making him watch Der Erwige Jude over and over again with those eye clamps from A Clockwork Orange and playing the combined operatic works of Wagner in his ear at the threshold of pain. You are a disgusting deranged racist pig-ignorant bigot. You are clearly paranoid and should seek professional help for your many (many, many) mental problems. Quickly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above: Dont you think Gruff has a point though?

Handbags at dawn said...

Anon - 13.31: Your ad hominem attack on Herr Gruff does nothing to enhance your case. Instead of such personal vitriol, why do you not try to respond to some of the points he made? Let us have the debate! We are all waiting.

The rest of us actually do not think Senor Gruff has 'mental problems' - indeed I suspect that the vast majority here thoroughly agree with him. Do you work for the deaf dumb and blind BBC perchance?

William Gruff said...

Anonymous 13:31: I'm not given to trading brickbats with buffoons but I will make one last reply, then I'll leave you with the last word.

Far from being even remotely 'true' What you have said is itself 'frothing-at-the-mouth blood-soaked delusional rage'. Your entirely imaginary 'memory' of my 'many declarations about Anglo-Saxon racial purity' (a concept those who have actually read what I have written over the years should know I could never subscribe to), your reference to my 'rages ... against the Eevul Skottish Konspiracy' (Are you Scotch - you betray yourself because I always write Scotch, never any form of Sc*ttish - by any chance?), your use of 'darkies ... wogs and ... piccaninies' (words I would only ever use to parody and mock those morons who do use them) and your incoherent and hysterical ranting betray not only your own intellectual and emotional inadequacies but also your total estrangement from truth.

You are a complete inadequate and in abusing me here, rather than at one of my blogs, and also our host, you display a disgraceful lack of courtesy. You are clearly an ill-bred and ill-educated fellow (are you Scotch by any chance?)

Further comment on my part would be a waste of my time and effort but I do feel obliged, for purely charitable reasons, to offer you one more piece of advice: To be successful intellectual sniping requires that you have a good aim and use live ammunition. You are shooting wildly and firing blanks and, paradoxically given the latter, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Calm down, find yourself some live rounds, load up, take careful aim and then let me have it. I promise I won't shoot back.

If you wish to continue your infantile tirade do pop across to one of my blogs and I'll be happy to indulge you but I feel that we have trespassed on Raedwald's hospitality long enough and this thread is ended as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald, I share your rage at Zanu Labour. However I favour a Nuremberg style trial. You be the judge, I'll be the executioner.

Anonymous said...

New Labour scum.
Socialism has brought nothing but harm to this island.
What really grates is the hypocrisy of Nu Liebor, the supposed champions of the working class - what a joke!

They regard the white British working class with utter contempt and abhor traditional working class Christian values and mores.
Fifty years of dumbing down, enlarging the gap between rich and poor was largely (though not exclusively) the result of Socialist scum policies.

The traducing of a once great British educational system was the fault of Labour and all (or most) of our problems stem from this betrayal.
Education, Education and indoctrination; of pupils by left wing societal re-engineers. Inculcating youngsters with hackneyed values of multicuturalism, AGW, whilst not providing these children with a sound and basic education - too many damn computers and not enough dedicated real teachers.
All this resulted in, leaving white poor youngsters ostracized and marginalised, not only uneducated but unwanted and thrown on the scrap heap - a tragedy and Labour were responsible!
Equality and egalitarianism and 'fairness' do not = happy, well educated, properly centred children.

To add (gross) insult to injury, (under the New Labour regime) new immigrants which have come in, in their millions, are seen, perceived and actually do have better and more rights than British. A direct result, of Labour's mendacious and rigorously applied (by the new Stasi/police SERVICE) Equality and positive discriminatory laws.

Second class citizens in their own country - the Pakistanis/Muslims know this, they lord it in northern towns and openly flaunt their status as: more equal than white others.

Blair did this deliberately ably and duplicitously enabled by his lackey's and lieutenants - most notably Harman or MAD HATTIE.

I curse them all, there will be a reckoning, though, I may not be around to see it.

The whole of Westminster is complicit in this perfidy and it all stems from the abominations, that are, the Marxist dictators in Brussels.

- It is they, (the EU commission) who I really do hate with a cold, malevolent, visceral, revulsion.

How did it ever reach these depths?
How did Labour ever inveigle/gerrymander three election victories?
All of us need to search our consciences.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald, you may have a point;

"How Fair is Britain"

- White British poor boys & girls have the lowest of all rates in attaining 5 x A* GSCE

- Black & Carribean kids have worse numeracy skills than those with learning disabilities

- The rich live longer than the poor by 7 years

- 53% of Muslim men are unemployed

- 76% of Muslim women are unemployed

But the winner of the 'Not Breaking the Stereotype' award, goes to.....

- 25% of Pakistani men are employed as taxi drivers (or similar)



Anonymous said...

It would appear that some strong feelings have been aroused.
Would that the same feelings were stirred in the breasts of all true Englishmen.