Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lady Toynbee's twisted twaddle

Oh Dear. Lady Toynbee has been at it again. Home from Tuscany, she dribbles incoherently in the Grauniad that;

1. The public sector isn't making the most of consortium contracts to purchase supplies and services
2. Therefore all Quangos are a good thing and central State control provides good value. 

Anyone, except a Grauniad sub-editor, who can't see the non sequitur here has clearly never spent a single day in a real business, ever.

In fact, I wish that I could use some of the contract prices that Buying Solutions has negotiated; if they were allowed to make the contracts available to the private sector we could tell EDF and similar hated oligopolies to go fill themselves. And before you ask,
"The primary role of Buying Solutions is to maximise the value for money obtained by Government departments and other public bodies through the procurement and supply of goods and services. Buying Solutions is a Trading Fund which is run on commercial lines. It generates income to cover its costs and operates at no cost to the taxpayer."
What Philip Green should have recommended is that anyone in the public sector who hasn't used them should be sacked. 


Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

"Lady Toynbee"

Don't tell me that evil racist and fascist scum is a member of the House of Lords?

Kill them all.


Raedwald said...

Not quite yet, Brian - the dishonorific is my invention, I'm afraid