Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ryanair is crap, and I can say so

This site carries no paid advertising, and therefore any traffic attracted here by searching for Ryanair will not earn me a penny. I can therefore catalogue that airline's utterly crap reputation with impunity should I wish to do so. Unlike the website set up by a Mr Tyler of Walthamstow, which must now be shut down not because its criticism of Ryanair was unfair, but because the owner made a few pennies from ads. 


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Indeed Ryanair is crap.

I will not use them if any alternative exists - even if it means going to Italy by train (which is actually rather enjoyable, if far from cheap).

The final straw was their ripoff charge of £6 per person per flight leg (even if its all in one transaction) for paying by debit card, which basically costs them nothing.

They can go f themselves.

Budgie said...

Ryanair is crap but it is (or was) cheap crap, extras notwithstanding.

We did come back from Italy by train once and got royally fleeced on French railway stations.

Face it, if you are a tourist you get ripped off; and it has been so for 2000 years (or more).